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September Ascension Energies – Joyful Heart

September Ascension Energies with Jamye Price

As the year of Freeing Your Heart keeps calling us to a clearer mental and emotional focus, September brings that clarity to a head. Literally.

For September, as usual, Areon builds on the mental and emotional Reflection that life is echoing out so that what arises from within your Bold Heart is waves of creative love. The energies are Joyful Heart, but the main focus is the mind in order to bridge your heart’s joy into this world.

In the vision for the month, the right brain was lighting up, connecting pathways of inner creativity so that your silence, your words, your actions and your rest is originating from your conduit of pure potential to practical path.

Joyful Creation of the Heart

Joy is a spectrum. Sometimes it’s quiet, observing, wondering and calm. This open state of All is Well heralds Life’s potentials into your forming. That is the right brain allowing, nurturing potential.

Sometimes Joy is exuberant, excited and externalized. This is the bridge from potential into outward expression as the left brain connects the dots into plots, plans and possibilities.

Ophiuchus and the Lady Moon

About mid-August I had a quick (admittedly confusing at the time) download. I clairaudiently heard something like, “Now we can return to the Lady Moon.” I also instantly knew it had something to do with Ophiuchus, the thirteenth sign of the Zodiac.

I’m not that familiar with Ophiuchus, but I’ve heard of it. A few hours later I was reading Mahala Gayle’s newsletter and she mentioned that a recurrent Nova in Ophiuchus had exploded, creating a light stream visible to the naked eye for a few days.

I heard that sentence as the visibility was beginning to wind down. Saturation completing in that wave.

Masculine/Feminine integration is a core principle of Ascension. Learning to balance directing (masculine energetic) and allowing/nurturing potentials (feminine energetic) is important for your full flow.

As we receive a Light blast from the [313] energy of Ophiuchus, we are called to weave the spiraling of life into our own potential and courage so that the crucible of Earthly life is saturated with more Love.

That is the work of Light that is your journey.

As your creativity lights you up, let your Joyful Heart play freely. In the silence of your imagination and the movement of your actions.

Have a Joyful September!

August Ascension Energies – Bold Heart

August Ascension Energies by Jamye Price

July Review

July’s Energies of Sacred Self will continue to be a strong theme, which is not surprising since it is a core theme of Ascension. In Areon’s channeling, they spoke about the depth of the expansion that June created, as The Reflection showed us aspects of the self that we must perceive and define for ourselves, or be subject to the fears and expectations that lack of sovereign perception creates.

For me, this has been showing up strongly in comparison, often in dreams, as well as recognition where the subconscious self sought safety through denial of self. I‘ve also been shown many are also experiencing odd physical issues that are clearing deep trauma, and a “tension” between the change state that is building.

Ascending Intensity

I mentioned in the video above, this is quite a potent time of Ascension. As we move through such intensified change, sometimes it takes courage to truly honor that you—absolutely as you are in this moment—are Sacred. You have to work against the control of others, the perceptions of what you need to feel safe, and the ability to go deeper into the invisible vastness in order to discover a deeper truth.

Areon’s July channeling was a weaving of the infinite self and the finite self, so of course it’s a core of Ascension, that is what this exciting point of evolution is all about. Yet to bring the infinite into this realm requires a trust in the unknown, the invisible, the unprovable, the new.

Many people don’t feel comfortable with that lack of control, and rather than trust it, they seek to control more – often in areas that just create chaos and distraction so the depths aren’t plumbed.

This is also why your sovereign perception is so important. To embody your Sacred Self, reliance on others must balance into healthy independence and healthy interdependence (connection).

July’s vision reinforced the vast subconscious mind connecting more with the heart, creating an angel’s wings effect. Here August entwines with the perceptions that unravel the ego’s fears and offer a new path of discovery of the Sacred Self. The path of the Bold Heart.

August Energies-Bold Heart

In this powerful year of Freeing Your Heart, we arrive at the Lion’s Gate as Sirius awakens a new potential lighting the path of progress. The August Energies of Bold Heart foreshadow a well-worn path that has been traversed before, but here we are at a new timespace, a ring-pass-not, beckoning movement through the gates that welcome the resonant of heart.

Life will always ask you to go deeper into the particles that give way (give wave) to form so that you understand how vast the minute truly is.

That is The Refection of your Sacred Self. Are you bold enough to truly see your infinite worth and capability; perhaps invisible, intangible in a moment, but spanning and spinning timespace into a new path of potential.

In this finite form, your infinite and Sacred Self is in the depths that your mind perceives.

Each step deeper into the self goes into the building blocks, the inner realm of detail. The Bold Heart is open to the full flow of information, what The Reflection asks you to spin anew, opening the Lion’s Gate with the depth of love that is within. So vast, so invisible. Yet like gravity it connects.

Gravity Folds

It is in the gravity of emotion that we spin a new tale, a new time. When lines of connection fail to sustain, you see broken or you see potential. In the mourning of what was so tangible and supportive, you find new footing through the curving lies that line the gates between heaven and hell.

Gravity asks for a new definition of the lines between. What seemed to bind is but a moving through, and a turning point in your view.

Gravity is not what holds you in place, it is what folds you in space. The ever-spinning perception of life created asking you to turn past into vast potential, bending futures into now.

It is gravity that brings the heavy to the heart.

It asks you to weigh the past and present into a future so Light that it propels your flight. Freedom is within your infinite light.

It is for the Bold Hearts to be blinded by light that breaks bonds. It is for the Bold Hearts to fold space between time’s alarms. It is for the Bold Hearts to know future forms and fold them into the moment now.

Gates open and close in heavy worlds. Fates open and close as your love whirls.

It’s gravity’s dance that folds the future into you. What has gravity spun into your presence today? Only Bold Hearts see the lion’s fierce grace leading Love’s wave.

July Ascension Symptom Update

July Ascension Symptom Update by Jamye Price

[As always with Ascension symptoms, if they are too intense or go on too long, seek the appropriate assistance.]

What a powerful time it has been! There is DEEP transformation occurring that may be affecting Lightworkers in different ways, but not much about it is surface level! These collective shifts can be especially intense for the sensitives. July has really amped up the release and activation that began intensifying in June.

The two opposites of release and activation always occur simultaneously, it’s just a matter of what is dominant in your conscious experience. So if you’re feeling great right now, go with that flow! If you’re feeling a lot of shift and release, observe yourself for resistance to it so you can allow the change as easily as possible.

First, let’s cover what is coming up for release, then I’ll talk about the activation. Areon’s channeling for this month’s energy of Sacred Self spoke of these opposites through construction and deconstruction, while of course pointing out the need to neutralize and relax into change more (always!). That means shifting your resonance into a more stable state of flow so that you can navigate the changes with greater ease.

Release Phase

Dreams are intensified lately! For some they are bringing up deeply suppressed emotion, anger or rage and showing a need for healthier boundaries. If you’re noticing more dreams, appreciate the lessons and the release that is occurring so that your waking state is less chaotic. I also recommend doing some work around what you’re noticing coming up in your dreams if they are persistent.

Collectively there is a lot of fear, hopelessness, anxiety and anger surfacing that is stirring up quite a bit of emotion for the sensitives that tune into collective energies (even unconsciously) more strongly. We all do to a certain extent—we are part of a connected collective. But certain empaths are more affected by the collective emotional flow. Observe your emotional flow so that you are letting energy release in healthier ways.

We continue to have to hold boundaries from too much disempowerment narrative that is outside of your control. How do you know it’s too much? You start to feel hopeless, distracted, emotionally raw or easily triggered. People are on edge right now, so be aware that you need better boundaries of where you are placing your powerful focus.

Because of the anger surfacing, you may have heat surges, rash/skin indicators, extra energy or an internal buzzing, in addition to intensified dreams. Eye sight has also been going through a lot of shift, so some may notice blurry vision, overly-tired eyes, or lights/movement in your peripheral vision.

Activation Phase

For quite awhile now Lightworkers have been going through readjustments that have called for changes to what used to work, with greater calling into more emotional and mental balance. This balance is always core to Ascension, for it is the inner work that creates the sustainable DNA activations and ability to tune into the subtle throughout change and use the momentum of the subtle unformed.

Meditation practices have changed for some, becoming more of an integrated movement and nature connection with shorter spurts of pure sitting meditation. This assists more of an active alpha state (into active theta) so that you’re bridging into more of a constant creative state. This can be showing up in deeper listening, deeper observing and essentially calming the mind to go further into the subtle communication that is constant. In essence, it is an increased Awareness, the first pillar of Ascension.

For some there may be an itch or buzz in the head, brain and pineal gland (not just limited to the pineal gland, sometimes frontal lobe, etc.). This may be accompanied by quick dizziness that is related to sun activity, and even cause some throat buzzing or dryness. These changes are increasing the subtle flow of communication so that your Awareness is more conscious, less subconscious.

We are constantly increasing the intuitive senses and natural forms of channeling like creativity, Light Language, inspiring ideas and solutions. However it’s occurring for you (ie if you don’t feel psychic enough), look for the subtle clues and your Awareness will continue to increase.

Sacred Phase Shift

These are such powerful times of change! I hope you’re riding the waves well and swimming deep when needed. I have been surprised at some of the depths of healing unfolding that feels almost too far away to understand, but the puzzle pieces arise and unfold as necessary, with friends and animals framing the edges.

Your Sacred Self is emerging to ever greater degrees within the human experience. We are rooting deeper now to reach higher states of coherence and creative flow. As the old transforms from stress to strength, we are preparing for expansive creative flow. Root deep, powerful Light. The seasons always turn.

July Ascension Energies – Sacred Self

July Ascension Energies with Jamye Price

The Path of Past

As we cross the mid-point of the year we are moving into more of an action phase with Freeing the Heart. The first part of the year brought us deeper into the inner work; our patient focus and courage to express the heart in a world that often expresses through fear.

As we walk the path, the scenery responds, reflecting the imaginings of your creative flow. Waves of emotion purging, waves of distraction surging—the rapids flow fiercely forward into the promise of calm as the sun reflects electric light.

Where the sacred is, is the flow and still. It is all.

Yet as we focus into the sacred, the trauma can belie the opportunity that life is seeking. What sacred space within you will nurture a new potential to birth into this world? Life responds with form and time from your sacred will.

The Path of Near

Sacred being is you and the flow of seas reflect your tidal power. It ebbs and flows infinitely. Sacred speaks all sounds and penetrates all sects. It’s quiet, it’s loud, it’s silent and shrouded. Yet there’s nothing hidden from hearts that honor each breath. Only those that fear when sacred is near.

When is it far if sacred is all? When the space within blackens windows and sustains inner walls, it’s a small separation that seems wider than earth. The dammed hold the waters that give birth to oceans. For a break can be a healing flow when it is a conscious creation from fear into unknown.

The sacred is willing to hold the vulnerable in hand, recognizing control or surrender is just a moment’s movement.

To surrender to Time moves like water aligned with gravity’s flow. It doesn’t stop, merely slows or speeds with the pace of natural flow.  Shaping rocks, leaping cliffs, pooling resources, waiting for capacity.

Time flows onward and rock walls crumble into sandy hills. Deserts abound on Earthen ground, for the once-built becomes broken as towers tell tall tales of past winners displaced.

The Path of Time

You were born sacred and you die sacred, what lies between? All sacred it seams to separate grace from grift. Yet it is in your hand to set your heart free as life’s gift. Free to be the unique being that brings forth the renewal of life.

Sweet reflection, you’re sacred in all that you are. Sacred diamond, you’re strong from the weight of the past. Set free your perception of futures crushed.

Hold sacred your creative power that sands new path from old walls.

Sacred being, your heart’s grace is infinite flow—the sacred in human being. It connects, it cries, it inspires new form. Each breath sacred, renewing and continuing the evolution of Life.

The Sacred Path of You

Your Sacred Self is formless and formed. Your Sacred Self is All, and within All it’s reborn. Breathe in and breathe out, sacred has touched All. For your Sacred Self always was and even built the first wall. The sand under foot is feet of broken walls.

Where you step you steep sacred, where you were you left grace. Where you imagine, you connect a future and path to that space.

Bless you, Sacred Self. For with you, Life is blessed.

June Ascension Energies – The Reflection

June Ascension Energies by Jamye Price

Please note: this month the video is a more practical journey with the monthly energies, while the written post is a deeper, esoteric journey.

Expressing Your Heart

What an interesting energy from May’s Heart Expression that was such a powerful aspect of the eclipse in Sagittarius. The fire of Sagittarius offers the burning away of inadequacy, fear and negativity that holds back our wise, confident and generous expression.

The week preceding the eclipse became especially stirring as the dream world and waking blurred into one message of the depths of shadow reaching toward the light. It may have felt like a stranglehold, a gentle guide, or a courageous creative impulse (or more than one of those).

Each opportunity was the clarifying preparation for The Reflection of June to show you a deeper courage that life has always known is within you. Freedom is at hand.

May, the month of 5, showed you life blooming and transforming—what was old becoming renewed into its next form. It is calling you to root deeper into the shadows, the darkness; that like the moon eclipsed, colors the (k)night with courage or fear.

For your true Heart to Express, (not just the ego’s hot mess ;o) the courage to connect with Life must come from within. It is not that you must connect with every being or every experience, it is that within you, in your sacred sanctum, there is no fear that will not be met when the light makes it react.

That is what the Light of the sun does, it catalyzes a reaction for change. That is what the Light of your Awareness does. It is what the nurturance of your Love does.

Old sorrow transforms into new love.

Old anger transforms into new strength.

Old fear transforms into new courage.

What Reflection do you see? It’s just a moment in time being called to inner-lightened change.

The Reflection of You

At the midpoint of balance in this year of Heart Freedom, we stand with a foot in both worlds and a vista of potential. Balance is comfortable and known. Time forces movement, it’s inevitable in this density; from balance to imbalance to new balance.

The Reflection offers opportunity to look more deeply into the potentials that are beneath the surface.

Life is fail-safed toward Love, for that is the binding force, the connective force, the invisible depth that compels new life. It isn’t always obvious.

Sometimes it comes in a repelling form, like a hard truth. Sometimes it comes in a pretty package of deception. Sometimes it lets you languish in avoidance, other times it seems to push you before you’re ready.

Always, deeper in The Reflection is the perfection of Love. In the physical realm of linear time, “imperfection” is the nature of evolution. Perfect in its imperfection, for the present form is moving through linear time. A Reflection from the past, formed. A Reflection of the future, reformed.

Will the reformation be a new coat of paint or a foundational shift?

The first looks like a drastic change to passersby. The latter may result in things judged as the same from the outside, but the future prepared/repaired to sustain greater growth.

With a focus within, you are preparing/repairing your future to support your creative courage to reach greater heights. Like the tree reaches deeper so it can sustain its upward growth, bringing ever higher light to ever deeper soil. This is The Reflection of Life.

Life Reflects Your Glory

As the solar eclipse of June 10 shadows the light, your creative impulse will Reflect your inner plight or sight. Do you deflect and resist the connection of heart?

Do you perceive potentials blowing by, like pollen taking a chance to fly free, not knowing exactly where it will land? If you grab it and hold tight, showing the proof in your hand, you resist the potentials that bloom through Time’s plan.

Though there is no guarantee of rooting until the rooting takes place. Just an inevitable landing from the courage of flight’s risk.

As the twins of Gemini show unique in same, the outer light is masked and hidden from view. You are asked to look deeper into the foundations within the shell of the potential your love can renew.

What’s not obvious on the surface is eclipsed within depth—the 1% of you visible for all to opine. What deeper truth do you see rooting in your Earth experience? That which can’t be burned by Light’s glare, or the flaming fear consuming new air?

Do you see the Reflection that your Love is more powerful than the viral fear? That your courage is bolder than the weak ones’ loud veneer? That your strength is Life’s grace of Love forming here?

What Reflection do you see when the mirror is clear? Beauty or Beast can be a deceptive exterior, just as your courage feels like weakness until Time forces truth. That a willingness to trust the pollen’s flight is the true courage that Life gives insight.

The external Reflection is the smallest part of the story. Most obvious, yes. But a mere shadow of your depth of glory.

Dear seeder of blooms not visible in flight, what is beneath your surface is potential new light. What nourishment do you offer to the roots of your foundation? Bring Light where shadows dig to get under your skin. For this is the The Reflection of your future forming, first within.

All that is hidden is within The Reflection. It is for those with eyes to see that shame is a game of deeper connection. Life treasures all that you are, for even your waste nourishes new life. The circle of Life envelopes all into Love.

Stand before The Reflection of you

Look deeper, then deeper, at The Reflection of Love within you. What seed could foresee the nuclear power in pushing beyond it’s safe shell?

When you feel at least a hint of balance, sweet courage, you are ready to move.

A tiny seed moves mountains of Earth. 888 There is no limit to your infinite worth.

May Ascension Energies – Heart Expression

May Ascension Energies with Jamye Price

April Review

What a year of building a powerful energetic structure to support your Love, passion and joy flowing into the world. It certainly doesn’t always feel like that, as we balance the experience of the past and present to align with a new future.

April energies of Courageous Heart were refining the inner structure that moves us right into the next flow of Freeing Your Heart. We continue to balance the duality of control and lack of control.

April was calling us to find a Focus that tuned us into our empowerment to create within a world that is poking at us to give our powerful focus away.

May Energies

May energies are Heart Expression. To Free Your Heart, you are shifting your energetic structure, your vast subtle information into greater clarity and strength.

It takes Courage to trust your silence to be creative. It takes Courage to trust your patience to be powerful. It takes Courage to trust your Heart Expression to be received and then manifest.

Since the February energies of Embracing Your Uniqueness, we’ve been strengthening the support of our sacred divinity, which helps us to honor our powerful inner realm. This serves your creative flow as life calls YOU to be the Love that you are.

Expression is constant, whether you are awake or asleep, silent or loud. It is the information written into your Akash, your vast subtle realm. It is your thoughts, emotions, actions and words. Your words are your least powerful of that list, for that Expression can be easily manipulated.

With your Heart Expression, you are tuning into your infinite divine self, the energy of connection.

It is for the courageous to connect.

This is why the grand deception of the physical realm (perfect as it is, for it compels empowerment) that the sensitive are weak must be sustained with suppression and control.

Expression Begins Within

But that control is loosening as more are discovering their inner strength and clarity. We arrive at a choice point in time as we deepen our unique Heart Expression. We are supported to deepen our own sacred inner realm, holding space as a magnetic flow does. Containment is just a moment of inner expression.

Love Transforms the World by Jamye Price

What are you bringing into your awareness? How you are spinning that into your space of Love? What information are you Expressing out, even in your silence?

Is it a knowing that Love is more powerful than hate? That nature resolves imbalance through time? That you are sacred, unique and powerful? That connection is how you are and creation is what you are?

As you Express your Heart, you are bringing the vast infinite power of Life into life, aligning more with your sacred as you move through human time. You are the blessing of Life, the sacred vehicle of creation.

In Summary

May will call you to refine your resistance to your Courageous Love, that in each moment it is a different facet, a different experience; but positive or negative is still an opportunity for transformation.

The atom builds within the inner, unseen as expression until enough connection is amassed. Do you have the courage to keep connecting even though the proof is not yet concrete, it’s discreet?

This is the energy of May, receiving Life more courageously as you strengthen your ability to navigate the unknown, the unformed into the world of forming. It is you that is forming, easing the flow of your opposing spin, so that the path of least resistance is your powerful Heart Expressing.

April Ascension Energies – Courageous Heart

April Ascension Energies with Jamye Price 2021

Quarterly Review

As you continue Freeing Your Heart, the overall energies of 2021, so that this world is more love-based rather than fear-based; April builds on the first quarter. April energies are Courageous Heart. Where January called you to be more aware of your Focus, April strengthens your courage to sustain that when it would be easier to avoid or resist.

You build the Courage to Focus on the positive or the negative, meaning activation or release, so that you are utilizing the full flow of creation within the physical realm.

February’s energies of Embracing Your Uniqueness are further emboldened by your loving courage so that you are maintaining your inner realm, your sacred space. This supports you to be less pushed and pulled by the energies around you and able to transform within.

You build the Courage to Love Yourself, honoring your sacred vessel of Life, teaching others through example that worthiness is the divine birthright of All. That means All. Begin with All of you. That’s where it takes Courage. Unity begins with honoring Uniqueness.

March tuned us into Patience, your powerful and wisely open state that is supported by the courage to open to new potential instead of controlling the present moment. Your Courageous Heart builds the mastery of your inner realm so that you are sustaining your powerful Love within and that emanates new information into the field of information that we are immersed within.

Your Courage to be Patient is a subtle shift that is invisible in the moment, but is key to real transformation. You build the Courage to trust with your Patience to remain open to change.

The Courage of Ascension

It takes Courage to resist avoidance, to shift unconscious survival mechanisms that are no longer necessary and to make choices that align you with new future potential. It takes Courage to love in its many facets; even receiving pleasure, saying no, standing up for yourself and honoring your boundaries. Those can be loving actions, even if they feel uncomfortable in the moment. That is the energy of transformation.

A Courageous Heart naturally balances the ego so that what is uncomfortable, unconscious or resisted is nurtured through love so that a new safety is learned. It’s not a pattern of avoidance, sometimes the truth is hard to experience, but Courageous Love always offers a win/win, though not everyone will take it. It may be something that is out of your control, or not within your lifetime of manifesting, but your information flows into the biofield that we are all interacting with.

Your Courageous Heart creates a path of information for the future to follow. Each generation is born into the desires and challenges of the one before, and they are equipped to progress that healing and manifestation.

Your Courageous Heart offers the key to the future to manifest the Love that you are experiencing now. That is your true power. That is true Courage.

March Ascension Energies – Patient Heart

March Ascension Energies by Jamye Price

February Embracing

February had some interesting shifts as the deepening of the sacred space within was offered a strengthening and clarifying courage to Embrace Your Uniqueness. Now, as one plus two weaves into the month of three, your Patient Heart is magnifying change.

Like a slo-mo flow, detail dives deep and expands the silence. It magnifies the moment and the imprint of the invisible becomes obvious, except to the oblivious. Don’t resent the unaware, for much happens beneath the objectified that disrupts the surface flow.

Time Stands Still

There was something that I began experiencing in February that I didn’t cover in the March video. In late February, I began having brief flashes of an intensified timeless, zero point state. This felt very visceral and somewhat head/heart-focused, and also different than some similar experiences I’ve had of neutrality or void space.

There was an intensification of the amplification state that I would describe as buzzing, excited energy without the emotional attachment. Again, similar to things I’ve experienced before and also somewhat different. The body beginning to deepen the reflection of opposites.

From Inner to Outer

There was a lot shifting in February, most intensely on the inner plane, and I expect the winds of change to increase in March, yet with an interesting twist as the slow-motion moment stretches into a potent deepening.

What began hinting in February and will continue increasing: the counterpoints experienced simultaneously as the spiral comes to a collision of opposites that were always connected, though the journey seemed so separate.

Collisions aren’t always violent, you the peacemaker hold the space of pre-form. When eyes meet and hearts collide, the moment is magnified and new direction implied.

The vision explained in the video reinforces the Patient Heart to observe the outer chaos and hold the space, the subtle, the timeless future in now. To foresee and hold strong as the spin blends fast and slow (how mo can you go ;o) where eyes can’t detail, the heart will define.

Eye See

The eye of the storm, though still, is storm. It holds strong and centered, unmoved by the turmoiled and tormented.

As the chaos spins and spoils, change changing the soils solid footing, direction twirls the confused into mental labyrinths that even the winds can’t prove. It’s a longer time of waiting and wondering, as a moment that would pass unnoticed, builds momentum to last.

You, powerful peace maker, are at life’s molten core. Knowing the what you see in the eye touches the heart of passion’s fire ever more. From solid to seething, to the winds of change breathing a whisper of peace for the willing to ignore.

What of will when the winds whip connections apart? What is weak breaks easily as the spiral spins the blending of time in the heart. Where is your will when the wind rushes by? You won’t find it with the eye that can’t focus beyond time’s lie.

Be the eye of the storm that foresees the change.

There are seas of change coming in with the tide. Left to your mind’s devices fear will preside, for the unknown is time’s lie as the forgetting derides. Truth has no proof to blurry eyes trying to focus too fast to see spinning lies.

To learn to discern is the heart’s power earned.

It has no merit to mirrors that reflect to confuse, creating chaos within as distraction feeds the narcissist muse. Where to look, what to feel, as the storms spins to real. What the eyes won’t perceive knots the mind’s course to feel.

Patient Heart

What you feel moves you deeper to match your power. Look closely with your heart as the chaos lies waste, for your power is calling you forth to the gates. Be it wisdom or lie, your resonance decides. For the answer is the mind’s valiant attempt to apply the past to the future as you await an event.

To be within the center you see, you hold stillness, observing the slowing, knowing the pace is a lie. The gravity of change feels too heavy to move, as the push and the pull seems to oppose what you would choose.

It’s this gravity that gives, even as it takes away. The breath, so sacred, carries power to sway.

The spin seems the victor as it touches with such force, explosive reactions prevail and the gateway gives forth. When the door is forced open, wisdom’s courage is bleak. What’s inside continues access to the reflection that breeched.

For the limber limbic, your response is measured. The quiet stillness and strength, the eye of the storm, holds vast movement together. It is the core that creates with wisdom’s spinning force. The patience of allowing as the re-forming takes course.

It moves so fast the mind can’t keep pace. It is the heart that allows an instant of grace to ripple through time hidden beneath the face of change heralding the future that is resonant with the power of stillness in place.

Movement always happens, even within the eye of the storm. For what is still is just a pause as the heart breathes anew trace of the elements that feed a future divine. It is this patience that focuses the mind to the heart’s speed of All and none. When a moment is infinite and within it love breeds the braids of 3 into one.

Love’s Patient Grace

Time marches on and the heart’s patience holds peace. It’s the eye of storm, where love’s grace gardens the meek. They blossom into beauty that beckons the heart to see a new reflection. It’s deeper, almost hidden, not marred by surface projections. It’s patient and aware of true power within; the eye of the storm, so quiet, it’s meek, but it hold the storm’s spin.

As you slow your focus to allow the heart’s grace, you, meek warrior, give Love’s power a face. With eyes to see the ripples effecting. You are the molten core, unseen, but the fields are projecting.

It’s the patient heart that allows movement to flow. Slow or fast, it knows time doesn’t last. But the timeless heart follows infinity’s path. No beginning or end, confusing the mind, but Love always knows what patience will find.

You, meek warrior, are Love’s molten mined. Don’t confuse the Times, let the heart unwind as the eye of the storm signals patience of the powerfully kind.

February Ascension Energies – Embracing Your Uniqueness

February Ascension Energies by Jamye Price

You are Unique

In all of time and space, you are unique. Areon says this constantly so that you deeply take in your sacredness to life. Yet, it is a paradox as well. Many years ago I was shown that our DNA is .0000000000000000001% unique. That is a lot of similarity, but it is still unique.

The difference is essentially your space and time, which creates a slight difference in your experience. But from a linear, magnified perspective that .0000000000000000001% is a chasm of uniqueness.

At the core of the information is a similar drive towards Love, though we could call that many different things. Our desires are the same with the differences of your unique time and space, your dimensional expression, your perspective (all synonyms) that creates your unique information of interaction with Life.

You are Similar

Our likes, dislikes, choices, actions, perceptions, desires—these slightly unique information resonances create the rainbow of interaction that propels and attracts the forming of life. What a powerful gift—that Life gives itself to you unconditionally to create its form.

If you’re in a moment of anger, sorrow, repression or dominance, Life gives itself to you unconditionally. If you’re in a moment of Love, Life gives itself to you unconditionally. If you choose to elevate life or destroy life, it gives itself to you unconditionally. That non-judgment is the broader flow. But it’s not without consequence.

You are Creation Creating

Creation creates. In space and time, the density you experience, creation is creating through you—the blessing of you. Your courage to come into the density of forgetting and death offers a choice to remember and flourish.

February energy of Embracing Your Uniqueness is calling you to remember and flourish. Do you remember that Life nurtured you before birth, as you resided in full remembrance, full connection? That you knew so deeply that the call of Love birthing forth was quaking into the Earth experience as the density was just beginning to blossom into new form?

You are Remembering

Do you remember that you knew Love so completely that within a perpetrator you saw pain blocking innocence? That within greed you saw fear of incapability? That within dominance you saw forgetting so poisonous that vomiting it out seemed the only solution.

Do you remember that you knew Love so powerful that universes of space and time flow into its arms? Love so powerful that poison is transformed into renewed strength, that greed dies alone and fearful only to be embraced into All is Love.

Love so powerful that dominance is but a cookie for a king, playing pretend that the invisible isn’t real and the mighty mind has outsmarted time. Do you remember that through forgetting and death comes remembering and renewal?

You Are Unique

You are unique in all of time and space.

Embrace your Uniqueness as Life flows through you. Allowing the invisible to remember that all is seen. Allowing time to forecast that all is known. Allowing you, blessed being, to create. As universes, as all of time and space, has embraced you to do.

What a gift you are to Life.

January Ascension Energies – Focus

January Ascension Energies with Jamye Price

Here we go into another year! May it be more graceful than the foundation-adjusting 2020! Actually 2021 does feel a little lighter than last year, though that doesn’t mean no challenge. It’s the challenges that show us how our foundation is supporting us through the constant change of the physical realm. Adaptability is key.

The overall energies of 2021 are Freeing Your Heart. Our path of Ascension is moving into a heart chakra dominance that integrates the upper and lower frequency bands into a unified field. You become a powerful electromagnetic bridge of heaven on Earth, non-linear and linear, universal and local.

January Magnifies the Year

Areon, the Lyran Council of Time, guides the yearly and monthly energies as a path of progression that hones your mental and emotional energy (your Subtle Bridge) into powerful, sovereign flow that unifies your infinite and finite aspects. The theme of January is often a clue for the entire year.

Looking back just a few years, 2019 energies—the Year of Freedom—began with Patient Potential in January. Patience is another way of saying neutrality; an open and active state of creation without the push/pull of duality creating such chaos through change.

What great preparation for 2020. Finding Freedom in confining circumstances was powerful work.

2020 was the Year of Following Your Heart. It began with the January energy of Connection. How we deal with Connection was huge in 2020 as patterns were disrupted.

The inner connection of accessing, hearing and following your heart was paramount since you were either stuck alone or with other stressed-out people and tasked with finding a connection to your balance in waves of chaotic information flow.

2020 taught people to connect to the whisper of the heart amidst the din of fear. Though it may have felt like movement forward (or Ascending) was lost from time-to-time, that was clarifying your Connection to your infinite well-spring of power—your heart (chakra).

January 2021

Here we are at 2021, with the overall energies of Freeing Your Heart now bringing your power into this realm more actively. Connection, a heart chakra energy, has prepared us for expression, a throat chakra energy.

The January Energies fine tune your path with Focus.

As we build on Gabriel’s Horn, where infinite touches finite; your dragon power shifts your Focus of elemental mastery from Earth/Fire to Air/Water.

We move from a physical Focus of sustaining life (Earth/Fire), into more and more conscious co-creation with our mental/emotional Subtle Bridge (Air/Water). All the years of preparation of observing your thoughts and feelings, the vital Awareness pillar of Ascension; are now coming into a new level of responsibility.

We begin to sense the Age of Aquarius clarifying as Time cycles into more familiar territory. Another key aspect of our Ascension is a shift in Time. Time itself does not change; we do.

Time Reveals

Time is a subtle energy that influences our density. Depending on our density Focus, we can only perceive Time as the immovable day vs night, or as the more subtle response to our perceptual experience—the Focus of our mental and emotional flow. We discover it is both.

Does the past weigh heavily into your density or has the Gordian Knot been unraveled into power?

The decisive slicing of your sword of forgiveness and perception into the deeper, less obvious rules of engagement solves the infinite puzzle in its next finite expression.

It’s not an answer that comes from the past. It is in your present capability to see beyond what has been done before. To touch potential and power, present meets future. Connection comes into Focus.

How do you Focus the future into creation? With your infinite engine, your Heart; and your finite engine, your mind.

Open Your Focus

When you maintain an open state to potential and a deep connection to your present, you empower your spiraling information to a farther reach of manifesting momentum. This is the past as strength that built the momentum of the story. Take that power, Loving One. It’s just an ocean of old information wanting to renew, to aerate, through you.

The waves of fear wash over instead of pulling you under. The waves of Love lift up instead of tumbling you out of control.

Focus is an awareness that supports clearer navigation, even in the unknown and unanswered. Focus is surrendering to the times of rest, play and readjustment as new direction reveals itself from completely invisible to Mists of Avalon potential. Oh, how the subtle immersion teaches in every moment.

Focus is blending your detail, which is for the physical; and your broader universal laws that aren’t as uniformly applied. Uni-verse, one and many. Connected.

This is where diversity meets sovereignty, as you understand that how the universe manifests through you is unique and unified. Finite and infinite meet again. You magnify the Light into a powerful beam that shows you the warming and the warning of what fire can do in form.

Focus Your Dragon Power

As you Focus your dragon power into the mental (air) and emotional (water) dispersment, you become a powerful Focus of your divinity into humanity. One and many, rippling out.

What Focus is calling for your attention? How are the experiences in your life showing you to go with the flow and direct as appropriate?

This is a time of implementation into greater detail of subtle realm rules. Your resonance, your beingness, is speaking to you with greater clarity.

Focusing a lens brings more information into clarity. It amplifies Light into detail.

You are Focusing your lens of awareness, the important first pillar of Ascension, into a path of manifesting a freer heart.

An open mind creates a path for the Heart by Jamye Price

This is the era of the meek inheriting the Earth. To inherit is to receive from the past. What is the past to you? A burden weighing you down or a workout that made you stronger?

The feather-weight heart is strong from lifting past shadows into the Light, from holding vast space in finite Focus. This moment (Now) brings the past and future into Focus.

What do you see in this hall of mirrors? Focus Love’s potential into greater clarity through you. 11.11

Happy January!

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