Miscellaneous Channelings

The Dragon and the Rose – The Mirror of Life – Mother Mary

The Dragon and the Rose channeling by Jamye Price

This channeling came about from a curious experience.  I was in a time of much writing, so most of the time I was sitting on my couch.  One day I was outside (a rare moment off the couch!) and I heard a loud noise.  The mirror above my couch had cracked and the crack looked like a flame, which I thought was just a cool coincidence of how glass would naturally crack. 

I looked into fixing the mirror that I had for a little over year, but was told it would be less expensive to buy a new one.  So I took it back to the store where I bought it.  The kind man at the store just replaced it for me since they had one left!  Within a week after I got it home, I was in another room and I heard the loud cracking noise.  My mirror had cracked again.  This crack looked just like a rose! The coincidence of 2 mirrors cracking, especially during the rare times when I wasn’t sitting below it, was too much.  I finally sat to ask why and the channeling below is what came.  I still have a mirror with a rose cracked into it. 

Why, you may wonder, didn’t the energy just come forth to be channeled, that is something that can occur.  Because now I have a cool mirror story to remind me of how specifically life is working with us, how synchronicity is among so much of what we are experiencing!  I am reminded of how magical life can be and how inconveniences lead to interactions that give meaning and brilliance to life.  What a reflection Life is! 


Any mirror reflection will show you sameness through opposite. 

Reflection is a mere clue rather than a definition, as the illusion is to be not only seen, but interpreted (inner perception). It is the way with a mirror.  As you view yourself within the mirror, you are accessing your inner world of self perception.  Is it a moment of approval, disapproval? Other’s opinions may flavor the inner perception, but in truth it is only your allowance or acceptance of another’s will that determines their influence.

When one interacts compassionately with self and others, the influence does not grip or limit perception to right or wrong, good or bad; compassion allows flow within for the interaction of others to nourish without eroding the healthy foundation that will nurture life further. 

This is the way of relationship, relating not only to other people, but to animals, plants, choice, earth, weather, challenge. You are called to perceive the sameness and difference and choose your focus.  Wisdom and compassion choose the focus that best serves the nurturance of all. 

Thus a decision that sacrifices self over another, or sacrifices another over self has not been perceived through the reflection from a perspective that serves all. Sacrifice is a word that has been deadened over the years as humanity came to believe that God needs and rewards sacrifice. Has this not benefited those around you that would take your labor for their own immediate gain?  Does it serve inner growth for all involved? 

The reflection is one that will not announce to you the complete story, it is for you to perceive within. 

It is your labor to see the entire picture.  To see same, to see opposite, to see unspoken truth, to see past, to see now, to see future.  This is the inner work that wisdom requires and compassion facilitates.

Sacrifice has been confused with giving. Those that say it is better to give than to receive only see part of the picture; it is the same with the errant understanding of sacrifice. When you give or receive, you are in choice, for choice is heavy upon every moment. It is choice that allows Love, force restricts Love Flow. Thus, what is ‘force’ in your life can be transmuted with the choice to forgive – to allow Love, in this way, yes, it is better to (for)give, but do you see what you receive from that? You receive freedom, unseen on the level of form, but continuing Flow, for it is the nature of Love to Flow.

By the ‘truth’ of the adage ‘it is better to give than to receive,’ one would be selfish to receive the freedom of forgiveness. Not only is it equally good to give as it is to receive, but both are vital to the flow of life. The wise one looks beyond the image presented of giving and receiving and perceives the inner intent that is unspoken.

 Wisdom and Compassion

Wisdom is an expanse of knowledge that distills each moment into a timeless feast that sustains healthy growth and enjoyment. Wisdom does not ignore the benefit of the past as it flavors the now, nor does Wisdom feed a moment with no thought of the future. How could the flavor be improved in this now moment that generations of enjoyment and improvement will build upon? Not wrong flavor from the past, there is perfection in what is now, merely because it is.  Not worry or sacrifice for the future, as the future is more than capable and appreciates the past and the now for birthing it into being. 

Wisdom entails attention to all, but it is through the grace of compassion that information flows. It is compassion that opens perspective to one of benefit and sees progress as natural. It is compassion that drives wisdom to look beyond the moment and into the entirety, appreciating the full reflection, not just a blemish in the moment. Compassion allows choice to be made from the freedom of neutrality and wisdom builds the foundation that will sustain for time yet to come. A fleeting moment weighty with scent.

 The Rose

Compassion, The Rose, is not altogether acquiescent.  Its vulnerability is quite obvious as it relies on others to provide the nourishment needed, for it has no ability to walk to water, build a shelter from inclement weather or run from a predator. Yet grab its stem without respectful caution and you will be stung by the thorn of lesson. Its scent is given freely to any with pause to imbibe, its tender petals nestle brightly for enjoyment of any who choose to gaze. No matter if the gaze is profaned with jealousy, covetous or innocent. 

Compassion knows forgiveness, yet it maintains personal safety above all else. Its beauty is not hidden, but grasp and be stung.

This is the wisdom of compassion and the compassion of wisdom. 

There is a sharing that The Rose will not hold back, for the sharing nourishes its own life – being the beautiful, delicate gift of pleasure it is in life. It is the prize of attention to nurturing another, and the reward for patience to the season of flowering. These need not be attributes of sacrifice, why toil for The Rose? Does it then not owe you smell, owe you blossom, owe you pleasure? How then do you determine that the toil of watering and waiting was worth the fleeting fragrance or transient bloom? This is the sacrifice of a martyr, and it serves neither. The Flow of sharing, though unseen, is dimmed.

 The Dragon

The Dragon, how opposite The Rose it is.  Animal, not plant; intelligent, not dull; mobile, not stationary; yearound, not seasonal; free, not bound; powerful, not vulnerable.  It is a creature of legend in these days, but real it was. The dragon still resides, for there is no life that humanity has will to end; extinction on Earth happens by will of God only – meaning co-creation between the animal and God, for they are not separate. God does not dictate nor fully acquiesce, for that is the gift of Life itself. Force of will over results in imbalance. God dwells in the unseen for the unseen is everywhere, both within that which is contained in form and that which is minute beyond sight recognition – that which is formless. Thus it is the unseen that holds the agreement and the unseen contains time.

Full Circle

There is no form that has not chosen, understood the timeframe of choice and incorporated into form to unfold that choice. Choice, from the formless, is not bound to frame of mind that limits. It Knows All, and within that Knowing is the understanding of the benefit of the choice, even if it seems to other perspectives the choice is wrong or hurtful. What may hurt one, may turn them away. In the turning they find a new path, a new direction, a new freedom, a new courage, a new choice. Did the Rose not teach you this?  

What may hurt another and cause the turning away is not opposite, it is reflection of same. For one that you hurt with compassion, (healthy boundaries) you turn them toward their freedom and that is reflected back to you. Wisdom sees the benefit, the greater good that lives within the realm of free will and choice (unseen/God) and the choice to interact with the energy of ‘hurt’ is made compassionately, wisely and justly. The receiving of the hurt is then for the one who is wise enough to see the gift within it and turn to freedom in grace. 

Conversely, one that you hurt with malice, for the moment of pride or greed, does also reflect that back to you. Thus we see why the blind ones say it is better to give than to receive. For perhaps if it is an interaction, you will not notice the immediate result. But the mirror does not lie, it merely reflects that which is in front of it and the light will come in time that brings you to your same likeness. It is not retribution, but the way of life. Within separation there must be autonomy and within wholeness there must be sharing. Life is both.

The Dragon seems so unrelated to The Rose that it is not even comparable. But All Life is comparable for those that will perceive what is within, beyond the mere reflection.  It is the dragon that represents animal form that controlled the power of fire. It is fire that is a powerful tool of alchemy because it transmutes through consumption.

Consumption is rapid change.

You could consider it power/dominion over time, yes? The Dragon understood its power and took great care with its ability, for fire can help or hurt, and it is compassion that hurts for the betterment of All. Thus you have to harm a dragon to receive the pain of its fire. It is a compassionate lesson, for when it is learned, one understands respecting another, and that serves the greater good.  Dragons, in Truth, were as sweet as the Rose; if not by smell, then by character. The True Power of Dragons was not within fire. Fire was only what the blind could see. Dragons understood ether, the fifth element, that naturally unseen element that most often eludes humanity even to this day.

The confusion for one who does not see is that conquest is beneficial.

The confusion for one that does not see is that conquest is sport.

The confusion for one that does not see is that conquest only harms the victim.

The confusion for one that does not see is that conquest is proof of Power.

The confusion for one that does not see is that conquest can be contained.

You may find chemicals that operate as fire does, but fire is a base element of Life, and thus has implication beyond form. That is to say it is not limited to its form, as it is a function. Earth is not just minerals, it is solid, the amalgam into form. Water is not just fluid, it is Depth, information into expression. Wind is not just breath, it is Life Giver/Animator/Movement, expression into time. Fire is not just heat, it is Renewal, time into form. Ether is not just binding, it is Unification, form into wholeness.

See you, then, how The Dragon and The Rose are One? Different in form, but forged in the same fire of Life. Both wise and compassionate teachers; one silent, one silenced, but effective for those who look beyond the mere reflection of form and seek the unifying flow of Love.  Is this your season of bloom? Is this a moment of your wisdom? Do you give that you may receive the admiration of God, or do you forgive that you may allow the Love of God to Flow Free?

Be as The Rose, emitting the fragrance of Sweet Life freely, beautiful in the countenance of Magnificent Creation and willing to thorn with wisdom and compassion that All Life learns respect from quiet strength. Be as The Dragon, free with earth, wind, water and fire; so compassionately aware of the True Power of Love that you would forgive humanity into the call of their own freedom to choose.

That Love, it is the ether that binds all life; for The Dragon knows it is not separate from humanity, but to be willing to separate in dimension is the choice that serves the greater good. The Dragon did not run, so mistake not that its Ascension was the reward of release from all the negativity of humanity. It sacrificed in the real meaning of the word. To choose compassion so boldly, that life on earth is less important than the Flow of Life through Time. It is only for the wise to see.  It is only revealed Within. It has no bearing on the Love of God. It has no bearing on the worth of Soul.  It can not be faked, bartered, partially given, or given to receive. But receive you will, for that is the nature of forgiveness. It is the nature of Life.

Light Codes


ascension-light-language-unconscious-to-conscious[This was channeled on 08-08-08, but is still applicable and powerful today.]

Powerful times indeed. These times now that are before you are accelerating rapidly. Expect change, expect opportunity, expect your reflection to be very clear. When you look at what is reflected to you in your life, if you look within, if you look behind the obvious, you will see that what is reflected to you in your life is opportunity. The opportunities that are before you now, are opportunities for rapid expansion as such you have yet to experience. You have the opportunity now to understand your power. (more…)

The Courage for Freedom – Lady Guinevere

It is the same battle for freedom waged centuries ago. There is always the One that resists. And when the hour seems darkest, the new Light emerges. Courage is the key, for there are those that need to be led to their freedom, and they wait for you to have their courage for them. It is the way of it, some hear the calling from within, and some do not.

It is a new battlefield, the battlefield of the inner world. There are those that want the labor of many, the new serfs. It is not your destiny this serfdom. You know not why you toil for another. This freedom march has begun. It is a battle that is to be taught within. Speak the words. Live the courage. It is at hand. Prepare.

Creatrix Codes – Isis

Today the Creatrix codes have been modified. No longer dormant, no longer a hope, now a reality. Within this reactivation lies the potential for complete Oneness with Source through to the inner depths of Earth. The gateway is you. (more…)

Adama of Telos


Dragon HeartGreetings Angels, I AM Adama of Telos. I welcome you here in the Light of my heart. It is the center pointe of your Source Beingness. Blessings flow forth and blessings flow to this ‘space’ that is the energy center of your being. It is the heart that is your access to the fullness and wholeness of Source. It is within the heart that you will find the grace that guides you to your Source. It is the voice within your heart that calls you to your true divinity. (more…)

Sacred Geometry – Melchizedek and the Forebrothers


Crystalline Soul Healing Energy Healing Modality Jamye PriceFirstly to understand the sacred geometry, one can begin simply or one can begin with high math, one can begin with intricate music, or one could begin with an understanding of quantum light working and arrive at the same point. For sacred geometry is both basic and intricate. They are the same. Sacred geometry is both a language and a formula, at once solved and unsolvable for the layers with which one can interact are never ending. (more…)

The Seed of Life – Dionysus


LightBlast by Jamye PriceLet us talk of the seed. There are many seeds in life and planting is a year round affair. It is done with joy, with fear, with sadness; but done it is – in a continuous cycle of renewal. As the seed comes into being, it has all that it needs within. There is no outside force at the beginning that feeds it, it feeds and nurtures itself. What is it that triggers the seeds movement forth? Some would say chemistry, and they would not be wrong, just incomplete in the assessment. (more…)

Simplicity and Complexity: Quantum Passion Alive – Dionysus, Pythagoras and Melchizedek

Simplicity and Complexity Channeling by Jamye Price

Simplicity and complexity are the way of the Universe. Neither is more important. They work in concert with each other without any competition or hierarchy. They understand their value and are quite content to share their gift as it is.

The human has a challenge with that. In the pursuit of proof to define and prove a truth, the complexity is pursued to reveal its nature so that simplicity can be overcome. This is insulting to both, as complexity has no more need to define itself than does a raindrop. It just is.

Complexity appreciates simplicity and does not approve of the offense in the devaluing. However, out of love for human, as complexity is inherent and alive within all humans, the traits are revealed to the extent they can be perceived.

Many times, a lover of complexity is gifted with amazing knowledge that is rejected by the masses as incorrect and human is left feeling betrayed by a communion that was sacred to complexity. Such is the chance one takes when exposing the sweetness.

Complexity is about relationship and enfoldment. The simplicity of complexity is that all things are one of substance and interdimensional function, though different of form.

A thought is complex because it is enfolded with everything within the Universe, but it presents a different form than a sound, a door or a smell. They are not separate, just different of form. Function, within the range of your perception, appears vastly different.

Range is an interdimensional function of life – you would call it frequency. Range is necessary to experience. So the frequency of a thought is in a different range of a door, but the complexity of their interconnectedness will overload your range of perception.

Hello simplicity, I am glad you are my friend – this is a thought and this is a door. It’s that simple. What is it that you seek from the door but to open, close and protect?

It is simple in its human-range function, but complex in its beingness, as it is of the same interdimensional substance and function as anything you can conceive. All that you possess interdimensionally, so does the door. As each cell of your body is a microcosm within the macrocosm, so too, is the door. Your range of perception limits this knowledge and rightly so, as your function as human is focused elsewhere within this universal experience.

Complexity is Enfoldment by Jamye Price

So complexity has a friendship with the enquiring mind, but a mind is a mind, and the range of perception is specific to the mind. The capability is inherent but the experience is governed by choice–the most complex of All That Is and the basis for the entire human experience.

At the obeyance of your choice, all manner of Universal scrambling is set into motion.

It’s quite exciting. As all things are one of substance and choice is the very seed of chaos, why is it that the human can choose and the door can not? If the door has all substance that the human has, it therefore has choice–within its range of frequency–because it, too, is a microcosm within the macrocosm.

Even the human choice is regulated by the interconnected force of the Universe. It has a range of frequency. Choice and chaos are fast friends and play well together. We can scant keep them apart!

Complexity is to the human, a benefactor. It keeps the human fed and supplied with all that is needed. So love it as it is and as it reveals itself, seek to know it more and more for the joy of the expansion, and accept the information you are given as the love that it is. Love IS the substance of All That Is. 456

So why is it that simplicity has been regarded as worthless? If something is too simple, often it is not valued and is cast off. Simplicity is often not admired or recognized with All That Is, and yet it is within all.

Without simplicity, complexity would have no form. It is simplicity that brings complexity and chaos into range.

Simplicity is the vehicle by which All That Is comes to know relationship and expansion. Simplicity leads to greater degrees of complexity offering avenues of chaos not previously possible.

A simple thought interacts with a simple action which interacts with a simple emotion or relationship leading to a step in a direction never before lit. A fine machine it is, quite symphonic.

As a human your range of perception is “limited” so that simplicity can function as the supreme transducer of chaos that it was designed to be. Simplicity shares the joy of delineated complexity into a range of perception palatable to the human so that new chaos can be created. Magnificent.

If you only knew how often simplicity and complexity were entwined within every nanosecond of your existence, you would scarce be able to breathe. Such is the beauty of simplicity. It gives you the breath of life. What is more important than that? Everything and nothing we say. Is that statement simple or complex? Could it be both? Is that possible?!

We would never infer that the search to engage complexity is a worthless pursuit. By all means pursue. But perhaps instead of approaching it as a calf that must be chased, roped, tied and won–why not romance it? Why not enjoy the courtship?

Is it not the way of the world that the joy of courtship expands the experience? The vitality increases, the joy is at hand, the world seems brighter. This is the way of pursuing complexity. This is why certain lovers of past times were revealed inner sanctums of complexity.

Who was Pythagoras, Newton or Einstein if not a passionate lover of complexity? Seeking the fruits of their passion through the simplest of vehicles–Love. The underlying substance within All That Is.

The love of the complex led to simple joy, simple passion, simple excitement, simple play. Not so simple you say? The complex mathematics is beyond my comprehension. Range of perception. If you share the passion, the fruit will grow. Perhaps to Newton cooking a delicious meal was too complex, but if he had the passion he would pursue through unbridled desire and joy until it revealed itself. Such is the power of simplicity.

What affects the range of frequency? Why is math easy for some, difficult for others? The structure of your vehicle, human, is such that lady simplicity is at your will. The door does not interact with that range.

How convenient for the human that the door can not beckon passion and choose. We suspect many doors would run away as they work so hard and only receive adornment during the holidays. As we stated, simplicity is the vehicle for complexity, please realize that complexity does not travel without simplicity. Without simplicity, complexity has no form.

It is a beautiful symbiosis that results in greater enhancement and expansion of experience for both. They do not question their own value as they know they are reciprocative. You, human, given that you operate within a range of perception, would do well to court simplicity.

Simplicity does not limit, it leads. Within the simplicity complexity is revealed.

Within the simplicity of joy, passion, excitement, love, desire–all doors to complexity open and your range of perception increases. These are all manifestations of Love, the underlying substance of All That Is, and the fruit of the universe becomes ripe for your enjoyment.

The simplicity of anger or frustration will transport you, as they are also of the substance of All That Is, but in their range of function they hold less (not none) resonance of frequency with the Love that Is.

If you understood the complex interdimensional innate inner workings (did we point out that it is IN you?) of Love, it would scarce be as exciting to you human. It would not have the beauty of simplicity that makes complexity sing its own note that harmonizes with the Whole.

Unfoldment of Complexity by Jamye Price

It is the simplicity that will offer you the orgasmic bliss of reaching new understanding of each layer or experience that you seek. The unfoldment of the enfoldment heightens the joy. Does it not?

If you do not know that it is true, we say that life has not brought you the tantalizing nectar that awaits at the warmth of her breast. Why not just be a door?! Open and close–hold a wreath and complete a task because it must be done. This is a choice that is within your range of frequency–to be that of a door in human form. But don’t let the door hit you on the way out–that is one of the few pleasures of being a door.

We offer you this as the sagest of sage advice. Simplicity is your key to all that the universe holds. There is no treasure chest that can not be opened with key simplicity. Were it not for the complex riddling of patience, the world would be the garden you seek. Ah, with the lover simplicity at your side the complexity of the garden would be revealed to be within.

Through the vehicle of simplicity you have access to whatever you may seek. Due to the complexity of Earth experience, some travels take a bit longer as the substance of thought is transmuted to the substance of matter. This is the beauty of the journey. Passionately getting to know all that the object of your desire contains. Experiencing all avenues so the plateau you seek is fully understood and manifest in form.

Do not expect that anything in life is static or final. A plateau is not a point (and yet a point is always a plateau), it is an expanse of interacting form and unform that leads only to the next plateau.

Were you to choose to stop at a plateau and think, “I’ve reached IT, here I stay,” all will change around you and you will appear to decay as the movement continues and you refuse to move along with it. If you do not open the door, the life can not enter. It is the Love that keeps it alive and bright.

This is to tell you that All That Is is created within the vehicle of human over and over and over. You harbor the creation vehicle within your brain space as it is a way station that transmutes chaos into order. You do this over and over and over. Have we made that clear?

Does this point to the power of choice? To the power of human?

How is it that this happens? Within the brain structure is the interaction with emotion (a carrier vehicle), chemical (a carrier vehicle), electricity (a transporter), time (a marker/regulator) and magnetism (a form repulsor and magnifier–the shaper). Each of these are same of substance yet delineated in form. Thus they all contain the All That Is.

Yet already the complexity of their structure has interacted with lover simplicity and she has transduced them into the specific range of frequency that chaos has mingled into within each brain space within each nanosecond. What a job it is! And we’ve barely touched on the subject of all that it contains, as probability and choice battle to the task of creation and the dimensions are formed, reformed and unformed again and again.

Is simplicity really that simple? Do you still rebuff the value of this powerful, universal force? Each of the aforementioned participants in the way station of your perception (and we haven’t named all participants) and reality are important, utterly complex beyond imagining-yet reduced to a simple word that will function as a label that contains eons of information within.

Yet all of this is governed by your choice.

You see why we say choice is the most complex of the complex? It is the catalyst that mitigates the intermingling of the eons of information that will create second by second. Ah, what a beautiful machine.

Chaos and choice are close cousins. Do not confuse order with completion–although both are not ever static. They are marker points from which to jump–breeders of chaos. Both bringing more refined chaos into being thus the mobius spiral continues to flow up around down within without about.

Ever changing, ever moving, ever refining, ever experiencing and ever expanding. It is within chaos that choice is possible, and within choice that chaos finds life and life renewed. It is the way of it.

Source lives in a state of IS. Human lives in a state of define refine define–as it is intended.

This way station within the brain space (your entire body and beyond is a way station, but we speak of a specific function here) contains that which is physically able to be perceived by your eyes, that which can only be perceived by your machines (i.e. electric impulses) that which can currently only be perceived by extra sensory methods (akash) as well as that which is too vast to be perceived, yet still it is there.

As they collide magnificently, you are relayed the amalgam of their interaction in the form of perhaps a thought or a feeling and life begins. Layer upon layer within a fraction of a second. The grandest of all super computers you are, as the computer our voices were typed upon does not process time and emotion within as well.

Where is choice? Choice resides within the meeting of the emotional body and the mental body. The two are so similar, the main difference being the emotional body is regarded as subjective and specific to the now, and the mental body is regarded as objective (fact) and spans time forward and backward. Holding onto to things from your past or fear of the future? The mental body has you in it’s grip.

In a logic-focused situation the mental body rules supreme; effectually obliterating the possibility of new information breaching the skin of choice. With more heart focus–trust, faith, compassion, flexibility–the mind will serve it’s intended function of offering balance to trigger the survival response without desperation.

That which you feel and that which you know, are not separate except in your perception of them. It will do all the necessary filing and appointment making that best serves the now of the situation. To clarify further–if you are balanced within the emotional and mental influence you will be making decisions from a place of more expansive information.

Chaos and Choice by Jamye Price

If you are dominated by the emotion, you will be rash in your actions/reactions. Some examples are spilling anger unnecessarily, sexual degradation, people pleasing, loud behavior to draw attention and fill a void.

If you operate from a mental bias you will hold back creative expression, make friends less, laugh less, disapprove of others, try to control your environment and people.

These are but a few examples to show you that they are both necessary and work well when in balance.

The mental body holds information with time, linearly described as past and future. By its name akash it is known, which is the time record of All That Is without the linear governor. The akash is your door to choice as it holds the reference material. We urge you to open it.

If you are unable to consciously open the akash, the information is still influencing you, it just comes in a recognizable form. Your mental body tends to justify while your emotional body tends to indicate. What is your emotional body indicating? It is recommended that you really ask it, as it is representing the prese4nt [sic] and has a closer connection to your heart.

The heart contains the vibration of trust, wisdom, higher knowledge and will lead you to a balanced path of mental/emotional guidance. Please note that we said your entire body and beyond is actually involved in this creation process. The heart, your door to the infinite, is the way station for all information before it is processed to the brain.

The heart gathers All That Is held within the entire body, reduces it to emotion (simplicity at work!) and transmits it to the brain for understanding and choice making. Upon receiving the information the brain decides what steps will be taken.

Remember, choice is the most complex of complexity–when you choose.

Will you continue to act and react as you have before? Will you choose a new action or reaction and cause the universe to recreate itself? This you do, you know. Day after day you have opened the same door and seen the same Earth experience. Make a choice to open a new door. Make choice. It is your divine gift to All That Is. Utilize it.

Simply choose.

Divine Wholeness – Thoth


Light Language by Jamye PriceThrough the heart of the Mother is the only way to the Father. For the difference is children, you know not a true father – for that father who is bound with earthly ways does not commune fully with the mother; therefore, he has not full access to his heart. And so it is. For the father that denies that part of himself has not full access. This is human father, this is not the father of All That Is, for the father of All That Is is in Divine Communion with the mother of All That Is, and to separate the two diminishes the power. This is the power that is within you. (more…)

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