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Empowered Choice

Empowered Choice Areon Lyra Channeling by Jamye Price

Blessed Being, as always it is a precious moment when we meet in your awareness. We know you throughout time, and we know your uniqueness in form. This Earth journey that you are evolving through in form is natural to you. You are embarking upon it because it is one that you, as one focused on positive evolution, have a unique experience with.

You have evolved your consciousness throughout the universe, the dimensions, the realities of consciousness and you have created an Akashic access to potentials that could benefit this reality. Your evolutionary experience offers potential here on Earth that is on one hand, a natural evolution; and on another hand, an assisted progression.

Your compassionate heart has been called forth by humanity to assist the evolution of the Earth experience. 

Have you noticed that your compassion, something so natural to you, is not as natural to all? In truth, it is natural to all, but everyone does not have the same access to it yet. Just as it is natural for a child to walk, but they go through stages of strengthening to accomplish it over time.

You may have been born into empathy, or you may have opened to it at a later stage in your life. Your Akashic history determined the perfect path for you. Now you find yourself in the crucible of change, a time in great need of positive focus and action to harmonize the hearts of humanity. Understand that this is a natural step of evolution, yet your Akashic experience lends great assistance to the path of harmony. 

Life builds through resonance. It is inevitable.

The configuration, the timing, the specifics; these are the culmination of free will and divine will; or the mixing of the laws of physical reality and non-physical reality in response to current resonance. 

Your true work is to change your resonance, the depth of vibrational information within yourself. That changes what you are connecting with in the subtle realm, what future potential you are anchoring into form. 

As your resonance is aligned with your powerful compassion, you are anchoring a change that is rooted in Love, the powerful engine that connects Life. Indeed, it is connection that has brought you to this moment of awareness: that your Love is already the effect, the cause, and the beginning of solution.

Challenge creates a desire for solution. It is that desire that has brought you to this focus of choosing to Love Life more, to enjoy Life more. These are times of powerful change. Your compassionate focus on the future allows a new creation to form, rather than repeating fear-based patterns. You have been called to more Love, more strength, more focused-awareness of the potentials of humanity and yourself. Your bring this into form as you are choosing with compassion and empowered Love. 

Empowering Your Compassion

To strengthen your compassion, practice when you are not in challenge. When you find those moments of feeling good, practice connecting with your heart. When you are in challenge, it is going to feel more difficult to access. It doesn’t mean that you are not accessing it; it is just more difficult to feel that access.

Part of the polarization of challenge is an aspect of your evolution. Good feels good, you want good. Bad feels bad, you don’t want bad, understandably so.

What you recognize as you don’t polarize away from the bad and only to the good, is that all of it begins to feel more manageable. You are building an internal strength so that the things that challenged you before are now easier.

This is a clue of your empowered Love leading you rather than fear.

First, practice compassionately connecting with yourself, and with life when you are feeling good. Then consciously remind yourself of the power of your compassion while you are experiencing a challenge. It likely will not feel good at first, but that’s okay.

Let us give you some practical ways to connect with compassion, to connect with your heart. There are two ways that humanity recognizes Love—one is within the self and one is outside of the self.

At different times and for different people, one or the other will be easier. Both are important, though most especially—given the progress of humanity, the self-loving, loving the self is very important.

Self-Love is the strength within that allows you to flow Love easily around you.

When you put your hands on your heart, that stimulates a connection. It is a physical sense, it is palpable. You have chakras in your hands that are flowing energy, your whole body flows energy. These hand chakras are very potent, so as you place the palms of your hands on your heart, you stimulate a very physical connection with your heart.

As you add breath to that and breathe in, you are then moving energy through your body. Air is a primary subtle energy on Earth, the basis of Love and Spirit that feeds you. Your hands on your heart combined with your breath will stimulate your parasympathetic nervous system in a way that starts to support an ease in your physical body, your mind and your emotional flow.

We recommend doing this sometimes with your eyes closed and sometimes with your eyes open. They stimulate your brain in different ways, and they teach you how to connect within and connect to the world outside of you.

Practice this when you’re in a moment of ease. As you begin to practice this consistently, even for a few moments a day; you will begin to notice that your body forms a habit. It forms a new pattern. Because of this simple action, you have changed your physiology.

Self Love Flows Outward Areon Channeling by Jamye Price

It may sometimes stir up feelings of agitation, anxiety or emotion. Allow it to be, and keep connecting with the heart. If you don’t have that experience, that’s fine. If you do, it’s something transforming.

What does this do, not only to you, but to the world around you? When you are not in the midst of challenge, it will feel wonderful. When you’re in a moment of challenge, you access a balance that sustains you. It will naturally build a foundation of strength in your physiology that will support you through challenge.

What was challenging before, is no longer.

This is natural to your physiology, it is how you grow, learn and evolve. Yet, remember, it may not feel as good in the moments you begin this practice. It  may require your awareness to remind yourself that what you are doing is important and potent, and having an effect on you. That effect then emanates into the world around you.

Your Sensitivity is a Natural Strength

The balance of your inner world and the world around you comes into resolution within the powerful electromagnetic vibration of your heart.

This is why, as you notice your sensitivity, it is actually an indicator of your strength. As you begin to want more of a connection with your heart, you are beginning a process of change that strengthens your compassion. It changes everything.

There’s a perfect reason to not seeing it at first. As you love yourself more, you are feeling safer connecting with life. As you connect with life more, you are physically changing yourself and changing the world around you. It is not always an easy process, but you are learning to honor yourself, your uniqueness, your individuality.

But you don’t see it at first because it’s an exercise in learning to trust yourself and trust Life.

You are learning to trust the experiences of your life. You are learning to make a choice based on your internal desires rather than external reward. This is powerful exercise for streamlining your vibration into the truth of your desires.

If you saw it immediately or experienced it immediately, it wouldn’t stay with you enough to change you. You would just keep passing through similar creations without creating real change—new creation.

This is why patience is a virtue, it opens you to the perfection of the pace of life so that new creation can be nurtured to bloom.

That is the excitement of this time. Your compassion is becoming more profound because it’s coming into your awareness and connecting with your choice. This strengthens your compassion. Previously it often connected with feelings of powerlessness and victimhood.

It is not for you to save the world; it is not for you to avoid the world. It is for you to experience in your unique way, in your unique time frame, and honor the power of your connection, the power of your perfection.

Your awareness, your uniqueness is a profound treasure. Embrace yourself when you feel good and embrace yourself when you feel vulnerable. Embrace yourself when you feel sorrow and embrace yourself when you feel anger. Embrace yourself when you feel creative and embrace yourself when you feel compassion.

Any emotional experience is a potential of transformation.

As you allow it to flow, you are allowing the fullness of you, and then of Life, to be embraced. You are choosing through empowerment

This is what you are observing with humanity now—that which they have kept suppressed must come forward. Allow yourself and your powerful compassion to be embraced by Life and recognized as part of the whole of this diverse Life. You are a unique individual, as all are. You are a valuable, treasured part of the whole universe. How profound is that? That is what you are.

 Eeshah, Ehmah, Ehtah. We love you. We receive you fully. We are forever changed from the interaction with you and we bring that forward into Life. All love, all perspectives, all experience. That is the beauty of you.

The Catalyst of Compassion

Compassion Healing Areon Lyra Channeling by Jamye Price

Blessed Being, as always it is a precious moment when we meet in your awareness. Your awareness is a mechanism of life flowing, and as Life interacts with your awareness, it is shaped as a glass shapes water. Life is shaped by your awareness. Each drop creates a mighty ocean. As you are aware and observing, Life is being shaped by you. What potential futures are you offering to Life with your awareness? 

As you observe life, whether it’s your own or another’s experience; it becomes important for you to be able to find your connection to a feeling of safety, a feeling of a potential. That is the powerful change that these times are offering. It is a change that occurs within you first, then connects out to life.

Observing life is a good exercise in finding potentials within the challenge. It’s good exercise for finding potentials with the positive things that you are wanting to create. It’s good exercise for moving through challenge and taking the opportunity that challenge always offers.

When you observe life, it is important to develop your strength that creates a level of neutrality with the physical experience so that you may connect with the potential improvement.

As you observe life, your neutrality helps you find your compassion with the present moment. As you are able to shift your resonance within, you are able to connect with a potential that resides in the subtle realm that resolves challenge into a new potential. This is the core of creating a new experience, anchoring a new creation, rather than just repeating a pattern with a different façade.


Your observance mechanisms—your thoughts and your feelings—are a powerful electromagnetic force. This is why these times are potent. You are recognizing that you can consciously utilize your subtle energy, your thoughts and emotions, to help create your manifestations. You are evolving an internal strength that maintains your connection as well as a more neutral, detached compassion so that new creation has root to grow.

As you find compassion, what you are experiencing is an evolved state of connection or an evolved state of understanding. It is a heart-mind coherence that recognizes another’s experience beyond your own.

This is why your empathic nature is becoming stronger. It is uncomfortable at first. As you have compassion for another, you are connecting, you are consciously connecting beyond yourself. You are beginning a process of reaching out to life and utilizing your subtle nature. You are connecting with something that is not physically in front of you, that is not physically palpable to you. Not all are strong enough to handle what has been natural to you.

This empathic connection creates a shift in the vibrational structure surrounding Earth.

It is most prevalent around you; that is where you experience it the most. Yet in addition, that which is non-local to you is also experiencing it. As you experience connection through compassion, you have non-localized your beingness. This is the power of your subtle bridge, your thoughts and emotions—they connect and create beyond form.

At this point in time, you are still learning the whole truth of that power. You are still growing your strength to observe positive or negative and truly remain detached and compassionate, truly remain focused on the potential creation. This is an exciting journey that will continue to amplify your Love by enhancing your detached compassion.


You are more consciously connecting in a non-local way. You already have enough heart-mind coherence to understand and experience outside of your physical self. You have begun to consciously utilize your subtle nature, and you are beginning a global connection, a global resonance, for the human species. You may have different genders, different races, different ideals in many ways; and yet with this compassion, you connect regardless of differences or physical separation.

You connect consciously with your thoughts and feelings, and you are then experiencing physically experiencing beyond yourself. Your emotions respond, your thoughts respond, and you begin a process of resolving what you are experiencing. You begin a process of resolving what you are experiencing. That is profound. You are not controlling another’s experience, you are Loving the human challenge into potentials of resolution.

From your logical human mind, you may think, “This feels bad. I’m crying. I don’t want to cry.” But with your subtle thoughts and feelings, you are resolving that experience within you. That is profound.

This process is so natural to you that it does not seem spectacular or powerful.

Indeed, it can even seem overwhelming, futile or pointless. But it is actually, invisibly, a profound advancement for you and for humanity as a species. Your compassion is profound.

Your vibration connecting with an experience ripples information into the field of life around you. The physical Earth responds, the biosphere around the Earth responds, the solar system receives that information and responds. It is profound.

All you have done is experience something that was outside of you and presented to you, perhaps through news or a story from another. This is why we say, “You do not just look at it. You do not just hear it. It comes into you. You receive it. You experience it.

Your process of feeling it begins a desire to resolve it, and that information is well understood by the universe.

As you learn that your thoughts and emotions create, the understanding begins through that which you already know. Then experience teaches you wisdom. It is common to begin to perceive that controlling your thoughts and emotions will control your life’s creations. Yet all that does is apply the rules of the physical into the subtle. Different rules apply.

Unconsciously you may begin to control your own life so that you can control your thoughts and emotions. Then experience teaches you wisdom as you discover that controlling your thoughts and emotions does not create a perfect life.

You then begin to discover a neutral response to experiences rather than an avoidance of experiences that stimulate negative reactions. From this powerful point of strength [neutrality], you find the potential resolution that is still a seed beneath the earth, yearning to blossom. You root that potential to grow.

You Are A Powerful Catalyst

It is palpable to those that are sensitive, and it has an effect that you do not often get to see. It is not easily correlated by the logical mind, but humanity begins to change. It is a very physical, vibrational experience and yet it is so natural to you that it feels as if you have no choice.

Indeed, you do.

In your subtle form, your higher self, your connected nature, you make a choice. You make the choice to incarnate here in this uniqueness and to be exposed at certain times to people and information that supports and challenges you. It catalyzes compassion within you. It offers you a potential to strengthen yourself. It offers you a potential to understand and experience on a new level.

When you observe a challenge or a triumph, it is always profound potential. The mere act of your compassion is a major catalyst for the evolution of you and humanity. It is profound what you do. It is profound who you are.

Compassion is Evolved Connection Areon Lyra Channeling by Jamye Price

With your compassion, observe your strength and hold healthy boundaries that feel appropriate and supportive to you. Yet keep interacting and sharing with life. The walls that you live within are good healthy boundaries. They were originally created to keep the weather from harming you, to keep others or animals from harming you. But they are so much more.

Once safety was established, the walls then allow you to shape an environment. They allow you to nurture those you love. They allow you to find your unique resonance and go out into the world as appropriate for you. If you only stay within them because there is potential harm in this physical reality, then they are not healthy boundaries. They are not helping you.

Allow your boundaries to protect you and keep you flowing in and out with life. You will find support and replenishment so that you can experience challenges that are going on in your own life or around you, and still feel compassion.

This is a powerful flow of life, “I am tuned in, aligned and capable. When I need support, I will receive it. When I am support, I will give it.”  

Observe your compassion, so that you are not feeling too pushed or too pulled, at least for too long.

When you hear of challenges or tragedies, do you often have an emotional reaction? Yes, that is appropriate. It is not an indicator of a lack of ascended nature or a lack of spirituality that you feel anger, resentment, or sorrow when you see challenge.

When you observe trauma, your authentic emotions are your heart-mind complex transforming and resolving based on what you are experiencing. That is powerful and profound. As you can deal with your positive and negative feelings, you are honoring your strength. You need not seek out drama, just observe what you are naturally drawn to experience. You are honoring your boundaries and not taking life onto your shoulders, but letting what is appropriate to flow through.

Your compassion may feel challenging at times and that is perfect. Let things resolve within you but do not take the responsibility of the world into you. Allow your experiences to flow, this why you still shut and lock your doors. Not everyone in the world is ready for compassion, honor and equality in the physical realm.

Observe your compassion so that you are not feeling too overwhelmed. If you noticed that you are pulled for too long in a direction, observe yourself. Step back, close your doors, allow your strength to replenish, and then open them again. That is an important aspect of honoring the power of your connection.

As always, we honor the connection we have with you in athis moment of your awareness. You are a powerful force of change, and your Love—the passive force—builds form in the subtle realm. Your Love changes Life. 

Eeshah, Ehmah, Ehtah. We are connected to You, We Love You, We are forever changed by the connection.

A Call to Connection

A Call to Connection Areon Channeling by Jamye Price

Blessed Beings, as always it is a precious moment when we meet in your awareness. For your awareness is the engine of connection that shapes Life. As you observe, Life responds to create with you, through you, because of you.

You have been granted this power to shape Life because you are Life. You are born deserving by mere existence. You are shaped by the earth plane, by the Call of Life. And you shape Life because you are connected to Life, you are part of it. Though you are separate in form, you are connected in the formless.

You are in a time of powerful change as humanity moves into greater consciousness with their connection to Life. For this connection to build, some previous connection must be broken so that new connections can form.

The Spring of Humanity’s Connection

Just as the seed breaks a shell of connection that kept it safe, so too is humanity moving past a shell of separation that kept it safe in certain ways. For the seed to grow, it finds a direct connection with the Light of the sun—even as it roots deeper into Earth to reach higher toward the Light.

What you are seeing around you are shells breaking, new life springing forth. In some ways, it seems very confused. Much of humanity needs support and does not quite understand that what is happening is an evolution to conscious connection that cannot be stopped. It can be resisted, it can be difficult, but it cannot be stopped.

This is a potent time where you will begin to see quite an increasing polarization of people within themselves and with the people around them. It is always happening because it is how the generations improve, but you are seeing it happening more. People that were perhaps on the edge or contained, are now becoming uncontained. Some of what you observe on Earth is painful, as much pain becomes uncontained from many people.

Yet what is also occurring on a larger scale are those finding their desire for connection to occur in ways that are more helpful for humanity—ways that are more supportive of life blooming forth. Within you is where this begins. Within you is where these choices are made.

As you look around, it can seem futile, as if those internal choices don’t make a big difference, but indeed, they are the only thing that begins real change.  Your internal choices begin the real change.



As humanity is going through this birth into more connection—the joys and the pain of the birthing process are becoming known, experienced, and no longer avoidable. It is important to remember that all that you experience; whether you see it on TV, on paper, or you hear it from another—information is flowing into you.

You are not just seeing something or hearing something, you are receiving something. You are taking it in, but you need not take it on.


It is coming into your awareness, and your awareness is unique within the universe. Your awareness is the powerful catalyst that begins change. You are taking life in, but do not take it on. Let it change within you because your vibration is stronger than the moment.

Let it have its moment of compassion. Let it have its moment of possibility that is growing because of the challenges that have occurred.

That is why it’s coming into your awareness—for your awareness to flavor it, for your awareness to weave with it, for your awareness to become part of the catalyst that supports real change.

Even if you have to step back from it, you can find a way to appreciate that a new seed is growing. These are merely growing pains that humanity is going through. A new seed is blossoming. 

Your awareness is where a new root of possibility begins so that new change can grow into the earth through you

Do not take it on, allow it through, plant it. [planet it! :o)] Emanate new possibility. You will emanate out a resonance that shifts the physical Earth, the biosphere around it, and the solar system around it.

This begins with your awareness, for the catalyst is within you.

You Are A Catalyst Areon channeling by Jamye Price

It is that simple and that challenging. In one moment, it may feel like joy. In another moment it may have tears. In another moment it may feel like neutrality. In another moment it may feel like anger. In another moment it may feel like understanding. If you look closely, you will begin to see your seedling growing, blossoming.

Life is Connecting with You

You will get some feedback from this experience that will support you into knowing that your awareness is a valuable part of this collective. Your uniqueness is cherished by life. It will not always feel gratifying, you must find that within—because you don’t do it for the outcome. You do it because it’s natural to you. You do it because you know in your core that life is meant to be magnificent. That is what life is meant to be, and you hold that potential within you.

It feels different at times—sometimes good and other times not—as well it should. Embrace them all, stretch yourself a little, exercise your empathy, exercise your thoughts of possibility, but do that with a recognition of what is appropriate for you and what is healthy for you.

Life is a continual journey and you will continue to change and grow. You will find yourself becoming more sensitive and then strong enough to handle it. You will find yourself becoming more neutral, more peaceful when the circumstance would not necessarily lend to that. In those moments, you are holding that open resonance of potential. In the moments when you feel pushed or pulled off balance by a circumstance, you are experiencing a potential of change. Embrace that potential.

What seems good or bad, strong or weak, right or wrong, is just an experience that offers a potential of change, a potential of new growth. You water that seed, it’s within you.



These are powerful times in which you are discovering what you are capable of. Do not judge challenges as something you have done wrong or something you have not yet overcome. Experience them, allow your emotional reaction, and continue moving through them.

You are fully equipped. All that you need is within you, and you will also draw support from outside of you as well, because you are connected to all. You will continue for a time to see humanity experience the struggle of the polarization that is going on within them. As you observe that, observe yourself and find that neutrality within you because that is what helps two opposites bond into new matter—new potential.

Your neutrality, your empowered compassion has a powerful, though often invisible, effect.  This process that you are going through now is the catalyst that shifts the overall vibration higher. That is the potential of negativity, it creates desire. Desire is a catalyst of connection, creation and change.

Even as you are more in tune with the subtle realm, as you are more connected consciously, you may perceive others as polarizing farther into their negativity. This will continue for awhile. Do not fear it, maintain your neutrality. It is a natural reaction for many that they must change through necessity rather than choice. It is a natural reaction for many to resist change because fear has a stronger role in their life than courage with the unknown.

You are a powerful being, unique in all of the universe, and you are maintaining an important possibility on Earth.

To find some ease with challenge, utilize your natural support systems like nature, it will naturally support your balance. Laugh more, that is a fire energy that transforms. Dance more. Find ways to connect more. This will begin amplifying your natural support. It will begin amplifying your neutrality into a more connected state. These are profound times; you’re at an exciting point that will show you the positive potentials even as it shows you the negative ones.

Do not let the loudest ones control what you are hearing, what you are seeing, and what you are thinking; but allow yourself to engage with the world, even if just a little. Find what feels appropriate for you in a moment. Let this collective experience be a catalyst for you to find more of the Love that is already within you.

Love’s most potent and beautiful potentials are natural to you.

You value connection, equality, and people thriving. You value an interconnection between humanity and nature. You will find that these values are going to be coming more to the forefront because you are calling it forth.

Your intent, your resonance is calling forth more support with what you are wanting to experience in life. You are supported with this and it will continue to amplify. But, as with all support, you must receive it. Become comfortable with receiving life. Become comfortable connecting with Life. Become comfortable, even when someone feels as if they don’t connect with you. It is not personal—keep connecting.

What great exercise. These are powerful times that you are helping to elevate into a higher state of Love and empowerment. These times are calling forth an information and experience flow that is necessary. You get to shape your life into what you are wanting to create. That, in turn, shapes the human experience.

The human experience is undergoing a change that is moving from fear shaping life, into Love shaping life. As you become stronger within, fear no longer has power over you. This is the core of connection. Love is stronger than fear. Courage is stronger than fear. The future potentials of Love are stronger than the catalyst that is calling it forth in the present.

As these times have ups and downs, challenges and supports—observe it all. Let it flow through you, do not take it on. You will be amazed at the support that comes in. You are well prepared and continuing to strengthen your empowered Love. It is within you.  The possibilities and the potentials that humanity is seeding, grows with the nurturance of your Love.

The Evolution of Connection

The Evolution of Connection Areon Channeling by Jamye Price

As always, it is a special moment when we meet in your awareness. Your awareness is unique in all of time and space. There is no other you experiencing this exact experience in all of the universe. You are that unique.

What you bring to Earth is something that is absolutely unique throughout the universe. You are changing this experience and interacting in ways that are coming more to the forefront of your awareness. This is what this time is about, that you become more aware of all that you are. The uniqueness that you are emanating on to the earth plane is profound. 

Recognizing Your Power to Create

You are drawn to discover the fullness of life. What this time offers to you is to begin to merge more of the physical experience that stops and starts, and the infinite non-physical experience that you are.

These times now are supporting your physical evolution so that as you interact, you are far more effective because you are recognizing the vast, invisible, subtle expression of you and of life. You are recognizing that your thoughts and your feelings, your intent, your ideas, and then your actions have a profound effect in your life.

It starts slowly because you understand it intellectually first as it comes into your conscious mind. It takes time to apply because as you begin to learn it, you have to find the correlation between a thought—and as time goes by—a manifestation. You have to refine your understanding of how effective your thoughts and feelings are, what are the limitations here in the physical realm, and what you can shift to resonate differently.

What was invisible to you before is now becoming more known within you. All of this is a process of experience that then becomes a true understanding or wisdom as you recognize the deeper resonance of you, of others, of systems, and of Life.

Refining Intent

That first intellectual understanding is important. It gives you a basis or a structure to observe and experiment with. Your mind has many mechanisms that support this understanding. In one aspect, you understand the broader concepts of the energy of your thoughts, your feelings, the good and the negative for you—what you want and don’t want.

You understand those broader concepts. Then you look at the detail of which thoughts are creating what manifestations. As you begin to utilize those two separate or seemingly opposite functionalities, you start to recognize that the details are less important than the deeper resonance or the deeper intent.

Details are helpful when you begin to deal with the physical realm. Intent or resonance is more helpful when things are forming, and that is your subtle realm. That is your thoughts and your feelings.

For many years, you have been hearing consistently that your thoughts and feelings create. Everything that you need is accessible within you. Everything that you need will come into your sphere of experience.

Everything that you need is either within you, or being drawn to you.

It is your inner world, the subtle realm of you, that is the totality of life—the infinite. Likely, for many years, you have been practicing observing yourself—observing your thoughts and feelings and shifting what you could. Perhaps you found some walls that were more difficult to climb. Those walls can lead you to discover ways through or around a wall, or to find some assistance from another. 

Your inner realm is the core that is most appropriate and important for you, that defining of the self, your precious uniqueness, and how that connects and relates to All of Life around you.

Life Evolving to Support You

These times now are bringing such an amplification of your awareness because as you evolve, you become much more attuned to subtle information. This is a natural evolution. At times it is overwhelming. It seems mysterious, but you cannot get it wrong. It is in-built into your biomechanism and your biosphere.

All of Life naturally supports this evolution that you are experiencing now. The vibration of your physical earth changes. The vibration of the biosphere around the earth changes. Your solar system changes.

Nothing is stationary; this is the understanding of linear reality. Movement is constant and movement is natural to you.

Strengthen Your Inner Realm for Expansion Areon Channeling by Jamye Price

You naturally move through a state of evolution that is one with your physical environment, your cosmic environment, and most importantly your internal environment.

The vibration that is all around you is supporting your evolution. It is pushing you and pulling you to evolve just as the sun and water does a seed. The seed cannot yet see the sun, for it is below the earth, and yet that natural evolution occurs because of the environment. This is what you are experiencing now.

Amplification of Evolution

The environment around you is calling you to another step in evolution. That is the excitement of this time. What you are experiencing now is a frequency bombardment that is pushing and pulling you to another level. It is wringing out of you that which no longer resonates with your environment.

You will see the polarization of the shift around you. You will begin to see more clearly where you are in resonance and where others resonate, for it cannot stay hidden.

It is the difference between a seed in winter and a seed in spring. It is still there but it can no longer remain the same. The environment is calling it forth, and that is what is occurring for you now.

This is a powerful threshold that you are moving through. You feel it and you know it. Yet in the midst of some of the things you see around you, it gets easy to forget, doesn’t it? It gets easy to forget that this is a time of rapid and exciting evolution.

Not all are evolving at the same pace or in the same way. But what is occurring is a call to connection—a call to life springing forth.  As a species you have grown strong enough to begin to connect at another level.

When your inner realm is strengthened to a certain resonance, you begin to expand your level of connection to Life.

This entails your healthy boundaries, your healthy willingness to risk expression, and your healthy understanding of your dual nature in this physical reality. From this point of understanding, comes new experience. A deeper experience of connection to Life.

Within the depths of connection, you find a new strength—a strength that goes beyond control. It is a strength that pushes and pulls beyond the finite moment, into the finest connection with the infinite. The fractal connects.

Listening for Love

Listening for Love by Areon the Lyran Council of Time

As you evolve into a being that is consciously connected with the subtle realms, it is important to embody that within your human experience. You are working to establish a strong inner connection, your inner stillness. From that strong inner connection, you interact with the world around you in a different way—through empowered Love.

Discovering your inner stillness creates a connection point. With practice, you notice an increase in your intuition, your understanding, and your creative flow with life. While this inner connection increases your ability to interact with the subtle realms, most importantly, it changes your human interactions. That is how you create change in your physical realm.

As you interact with others, the way to practice that stillness with interaction is to listen. Listen. Listening is the still point between human connections. It is where you genuinely receive the energy of another.

For some, the energy of listening has become confused with obedience, or lack of choice. Unconscious patterns of disconnection in communication have been created in order to maintain a sense of power.

Listening is for those that feel safe enough to expand. Sometimes expansion means giving up something that felt familiar and safe. Listening is for your personal, internal expansion. It is not a mechanism of agreement, it is a mechanism of connection.

How often do you speak and yet not feel heard? Many times in conversation, one may not be speaking in the moment, yet they are not truly listening either. They are preparing a rebuttal, relating information to the self, or thinking about something different altogether.

When you listen deeply, you will hear much more than the words that are said or even the body language. You will begin to hear the Love—the essence of another being wanting to come forth into the world.

Currently, many people interact from fear or wanting fulfillment that they do not know how to fulfill within. Consequently, there is a push and a pull from them that can become painful, tiring, annoying or frustrating.

It tests your inner strength not to be pushed or pulled by the outside world.

But for one that listens, that Love is expressed. It is silent. It may or may not look pleasant in the moment, but it is Love expressing. It is Love calling forth to be strengthened within. Your inner connection is a connection into the infinite self. That is the infinite well-spring of Love that creates, and it is within you.

As you nurture your inner strength through stillness, the push and pull of another does not push or pull you off balance. It meets the soft flow of your emotion. It is the difference between putting your hand into a wall, or putting your hand into water. As you listen and interact with an inner strength of stillness, you are flexible like the water and not shocked by the force, the push/pull, of another.

Listening is Connection by Areon the Lyran Council of Time

When another human meets your inner strength of Love, they are interacting with a being who feels nurturing and replenishing. You are just flowing along like water—responsive to Life, but not imbalanced by others. That is the difference of empowered Love.

Inner Stillness Shapes the Outer World

You will discover that as you observe things going on around you, you will be hearing into the fears that push and pull humanity. You will be holding your safe shores. That responsive sand that allows the flow to occur.

You will recognize that your awareness has more of a stabilizing energy flow to it. Things will begin to shape around you in ways that may not be obvious to another, but because of that internal strength and that connection that you now have with your infinite self, you will see the patterns forming. You are listening to Life.

You will recognize that though you have not tried to control someone into a pleasing behavior, they begin to become it. You will begin to see clues of your focus coming to fruition. As you observe the biggest challenges that humanity is experiencing now, you will also, if you look and listen closely, be able to find its opposite, its solution.

Your inner strength is beginning to affect the world more directly, though this is invisible at first. It is not all on your shoulders, it is for each to create. Yet it is natural to humanity, for you are truly connected.

Listening Creates a Flow of Love

This time right now is offering you such support as you change. That is what these times are, wonderful exercise as you work your inner stillness into more strength. Listening connects your inner strength of Love to the outside world.

As you strengthen within and control your inner realm, it will not feel as if it is controlled, it will feel as if your Love is unleashed.

That is how you recognize your inner strength. Not because everything is perfect, but because everything feels invigorating, even in challenge. That is your creative movement at play. Play. That helps you enjoy this process and keep your movement flowing.

As you play with these waves of Life, you find the flow of these waves moving you along. Instead of feeling pushed or pulled, you feel incredible movement, knowing the soft sands of safe shores are available to you. It is just a little beneath the wave that you are riding at the moment.

These are exciting times, and your drive of creativity and connection is part of what is helping you to begin to shape your inner world more. Life is eager to respond to your creativity. Connect with it. Listen to it. Find your still point of connection within. Life will meet you there.


Stillness by Areon the Lyran Council of Time

Stillness and Movement

As you are beginning to choose more of what you are creating, quite often you begin noticing how much is out of your control. You observe all that you (and humanity) are experiencing and recognize the lack of control. It creates confusion of what is actually controllable to you.

We want to give you some areas of focus with this basic drive of seeking control, so that you can begin to shape your inner world and feel more of the progress of creativity and empowerment growing within.

We speak of this often because it is important. It is what this time is about—beginning to discover more of yourself. This shifts the human experience into a connective experience that connects you as a species, connects you with the Earth and all of her inhabitants, and connects you with the subtle realms—even beyond the Earth.

Creating and Control

As you observe your emotional flow, one of your drives of control becomes very prevalent—your drive to feel good, to feel positive, and to feel fulfilled. This drive is very natural. It is inbuilt into who you are because you are a loving being, a loving species, in a loving world and a loving universe. Love is the binding force of Life. It is the creative force. Wanting to feel good is very natural to you.

When you are feeling badly, your lack of feeling good creates a feeling of lack of control. It is the opposite of the satisfaction that you are wanting to create in your life. This drive to feel good is a positive aspect of you, but right now you are learning to adjust into feeling strong, no matter what the experience.

Life, this loving universe within which you reside, is also wanting you to feel good. It is wanting your movement, your creativity. Your creativity expands you and expands Life.

When you are not feeling good, your drive to feel good is a movement aspect of Life, it creates movement. Life expands and continues. Do you see the engine of movement? It is benevolent, even though it doesn’t always feel good. This creates a strength within you to feel good or feel better because of your internal control, not because of the world around you.

Life wants you to create. That is Life continuing. You are Life continuing.

Stillness is Movement

We begin with the dichotomy of stillness to create movement. As you begin to become more comfortable in stillness, you will begin to feel more strength no matter what is going on around you. This creates change.

Stillness is a connection point. It is where two energies of movement meet and create a connection. Stillness is where two opposites meet and become one, the midpoint of a spectrum where two waves merge into one. Whether a harmonious merging or not, the connection happens. For a “moment” in time, two opposites create a stillness, a neutral point, then reaction happens.

Inner Stillness

Stillness is not just meditation, but that is an obvious and wonderful aspect of it. It is very important to be able to focus your beingness and discover your inner connection, your inner stillness.

Can you find that stillness while you are in movement? Can you find that stillness while you are in interaction with others? Can you find that strength to remain loving no matter what experience you are having within you or within your life, or even within your world? That which you observe on your television, you are experiencing within your bio-mechanism. All of it is important.

You do not have to meditate for hours and hours. Meditate in a timeframe that feels appropriate to you, but practice finding stillness in mediation first, then in action or movement, and then in interaction.

The Power of Inner Stillness by Areon

You may begin with meditating while you’re sitting with your eyes closed, focusing on your breathing, on a light within you, or on a mantra, for example. And then, you may want to focus with your eyes open while still sitting quietly focusing on your breath, light or mantra. Then, you would begin meditating as you are walking quietly and gently in nature.

You are recognizing the focus and the stillness within you even while you are in movement. You are creating a connection with Life around you while maintaining a deep connection within the self.

Observe and interact with your inner self with great focus and compassion. Allow the experiences that you are having within to surface into your awareness. This is a powerful practice that will begin shaping your internal world and surfacing much Love in the form of strength within you.

A Connected Being

This creates a reference of deep connection within, even while you are aware and silently interacting with Life. It creates a strength of inner connection and a deep connection with the present moment. It strengthens your inner realm, creating an inner “control” that is powerful beyond what is occurring outside of the self. It begins to change your interaction with the world around you.

You will begin to strengthen the most valuable relationship that you have in singular, physical form—the relationship with yourself. This foundation will bring you much transformation. It will begin to move you in ways that cannot be accomplished as easily when you are just interacting from the outside in. That is important also, but it is this inner experience that will shape your strength.  

From this inner strength, all that is going on around you is meeting such great Love within you as you observe life, that it is transformed as it comes into your awareness.

This is the powerful step that changes how people interact with each other. As you find that still point within and love and nurture the beautiful and the “ugly” parts of you, you will be transforming into a strength that will recognize that any “ugliness” was beauty under a rock.

You will begin to discover the powerful flow of love emanating from you, rather than just being fulfilled around you. And yet, as you do that, you will begin to find everything around you fulfilling. That is when you have changed the definition of control.

You have discovered the ultimate control is your connection with your infinite nature of Love.

It is boundless. It is infinite. As this inner well-spring of Love flows into your world, it changes, it cleanses and it replenishes all that you’re experiencing. You can access a grand stillness within, even as you are interacting with others.

Shaping Your World

Shaping Your World Areon Lyran Council of Time Channeling by Jamye Price

Blessed beings, as always, it is a special moment when we meet in your awareness for it is your awareness that enlivens life and brings it into the focus and the experience that you are creating. Your awareness has a shaping power to it that creates. You hear much about your thoughts shaping your world. Yet as you begin to think and focus, you recognize that you do not have the immediate experience of shaping your world. It becomes frustrating, it becomes confusing, but in your heart it feels right.

Yes, it feels right that your thoughts and your emotions are creating your world. And they are. There are aspects of it that are out of your control, but they are not in your experience. They are out of your control, but they are not in your experience. This means then that whatever is in your experience must be in your control, yes? Not completely. 


We will not paint the picture that at this moment in time you have complete control of creating your reality. You are too smart for that. If you want to levitate now, you recognize that it is not within your capability—that you are responding to rules and experiences that are in your life, but not necessarily in your control. But there is a tipping point for control, and that is what you are moving yourself toward, that tipping point.

It is a process. It takes time, and it takes working the steps to get to where you are experiencing things in your life that are completely within your control. Yet, at that time, control will be a different experience for you. Control will not be shaping the outside world, it will be shaping the inside world. It will feel less like a need, as is often the case with controlling the outer world, and more like a choice of internal balance.

It will be shaping your inner experience and understanding clearly how life is responding to you. Your first step in getting to that point is beginning to work your internal experiences, your thoughts and your emotions, and to shape your inner world with great clarity, peace and ease.

Control will have a different feeling to you as you become astute at shaping your inner world. It will have less fear and frustration, and more focus and fulfillment. It will feel like a deep connection with the self and an easier flow with Life. Your first step is learning what is pushing you, what is pulling you, what is keeping you in an inner state of not feeling your balance.

Right now, you are doing the important work of discovering yourself. You are doing the important work of learning to love the self so fully that all that surfaces is loved into strength. Loved into strength. Because love, in this experience now, is not all bliss. Sometimes it is understanding, sometimes it is letting go. Sometimes it is a loss that in that moment may feel like pain, but it is actually an opening or a transformation from your current perspective.

Love does not always feel positive yet. What you are learning is to discover your inner strength so that all aspects of love have a positive flow to them, even if it is just a moment of understanding, learning or letting go.

What Drives Your Movement

Now, we want to speak to you of what drives you. What is it that compels you? What is it that shapes the you that you are now and creates the experiences that you are having? We speak often about your bio-mechanism having a perfection in this reality and being able to expand within the conditions of the physical realm, being able to change and shift and create a new you within these conditions.

You can shift your internal world and nurture yourself into the strength of love that creates an even flow. In this way you will move without so much of a feeling of push or pull, but movement. An easier flow with Life.

That is one of your first drives: movement. You are within a realm of movement. Time is an obvious part of this reality construct; it marks your movement and it drives you constantly. You wake, you sleep. You fuel, you rest. Movement is very natural to you. You do not stay still. Even in your moment of complete stillness, your no-thought moments, when you hold your breath, you are still moving. You are still emanating and receiving.

Movement drives you. Even in stagnation, movement pushes and pulls you. You see this quite obviously as the growth or decay process. You are continually in a transformation process. Movement is constant to you. Just as love has many aspects, so, too, does movement. Creativity is movement. You are creative and you desire new experiences. You observe and you want to change things.

Movement is not just something that happens to you or that you choose to do, it is something that you are.

Your bio-mechanism here in this plane responds to and is part of all aspects of the Earth experience. You do not just move or choose not to move. You are movement, you are creative, you are changing or you are feeling the effects of change. Movement drives you. Your bio-mechanism is set up to respond and work with movement.

Moving Emotions

Your emotions, this is an obvious one for you, you have heard that energy and motion is emotion. This is correct. Emotions are meant to flow. They are information of experience and you are meant to flow through them, to move with them, or feel the effects of the emotional movement. Either you move along with them, or you feel pushed and pulled. You feel the friction response. You feel the change happening to you rather than moving along with that flow.

Emotions are an interesting flow of energy. At times they are understood; you recognize and allow their flow. You also may recognize that you’re choosing not to flow in a healthy way in a moment. You may withhold emotional flow, or you may notice emotions flowing that don’t seem to be congruent with your desires. 

Other times emotions feel almost inaccessible. You know there’s something, but you can’t quite get a flow that feels like good movement. Sometimes it may seem your emotions are not ripe. Have you had that feeling of anxiety or anxiousness? There is a movement that is wanting to occur, but it’s not quite flowing. Have you felt those tears that are inside, but you cannot get them to flow out of your eyes? You know that emotion is there, there’s a pressure building up, but it hasn’t quite flowed easily yet.

Even those times of feeling numb emotionally cause a desire for movement. Many seek drama, whether consciously or unconsciously, because emotional flow is a natural part of the human process. It is a communication of your bio-mechanism that is innate to your expression. It is a profound inner connection with the outer world.

So even with your emotions, you are recognizing that at this point in time, there are parts of your inner experience that are not within your control yet. You are learning to access the flow that you need, because movement is natural to you. You seek it. If you resist it too much, your body begins to respond to the friction that is around you.

Moving Thoughts

Your thoughts, these are energy in motion as well. They are energy forming, refining, defining and emanating with a clarity.

Your emotions emanate with a force. Your thoughts emanate with a clarity.

You are refining energy with your thoughts. Your mind is created to work with movement and non-movement very naturally. Your mind will constantly flow unless you make the choice to direct its flow. Your mind will constantly flow unless you make the choice to direct its flow. That is an important step that you are learning at this point in time. Your bio-mechanism is created to work toward this strength with you. It is created to call you to this strength of clarity and refinement with your thoughts.

Choose to direct your mind by Jamye Price

Let us give you an example. Your mind will flow unless you choose to direct its flow. Have you noticed that you can hear a song, and part of it may stay in your mind and keep repeating uncontrollably until something else replaces it? Have you also noticed that once something else replaces it, if you soon return to the circumstances where that song was repeating, it will start to repeat again?

Your mind is constantly receiving information, and unless you choose to direct its flow, you will have whatever information is flowing into it.

When you are young, your mind is in a very receptive state. You are receiving vast amounts of emotional information because your mind is still developing in this realm to piece together your words and your refined clear thoughts. Broad information, the emotions of those around you, is coming in to your mind. It is stored there as you begin directing your mental flow. As you age, your system is available to shape into what you are choosing rather than only receiving what is around you.

However, most are not taught to shape their inner world. And so as adults, you are now working through much information that has accumulated and is now at a time of releasing because you are intending to shape your world.

Your mind will naturally begin to form patterns and habits. This is another part of your natural movement. The habits that your mind forms will cause you to repeat behaviors somewhat unconsciously, and this can be a great strength. It calls you to more focus and strength as you choose the patterns you want to keep, create or release.

The reason your mind forms habits is so that it can continue to be creative, so that it can continue to expand and focus elsewhere. Information becomes a pattern or easily repeatable to you so that you can then focus in other areas. You are adding on to your experiences.

Inner Shaping

On the path of ascension, you are surfacing your unconscious patterning habits that are not resonant with what you are intending to shape in your world. Your emotions and your thoughts are naturally working with your movement. It is part of who you are and what drives you.

You can enhance the process of shaping your inner realm by self-observance and listening to your desires. We often recommend observing your initial emotional response without judgment so that you can recognize what is unconscious and coming to the surface. If you have a supportive or positive reaction, enhance and celebrate it. If you notice a negative reaction, celebrate that you have recognized it and spend some thoughts and emotions reshaping it into a flow that feels supportive and sustaining.

You may ask yourself, what would I like to create, experience, or feel? Then use your mind to imagine that occurring. Imagining is part of your exercise of the mind. It creates a strong inner dialogue with the self, rather than a monologue of uncontrollable thoughts.

You are at an exciting time of change that is calling you to more inner focus so that the subtle realm interaction is more conscious. Your thoughts and emotions are your subtle bridge. As you remain balanced and maintain a clearer intent, you will begin to notice the synchronicities occurring, your indicator of alignment. Synchronicity is your first response from the subtle realm that things are lining up just by you showing up, rather than just action creating.

You’re adding a great momentum to action as you work within your subtle bridge first. It is as easy as listening to yourself more, and allowing your thoughts and emotions to speak to you to bring the unconscious into conscious choice. It is as challenging as maintaining your focus beyond the circumstances around you. Choose your inner focus first, then the outer world connection will follow.


Patience Areon Channeling by Jamye Price

Blessed beings, as always it is a precious moment when we meet in your awareness. The most important thing that this time of conscious awareness is teaching you, is how amazing you are. Your divine mechanism is vast. Your physical and subtle body is magnificent. You are coming into full awareness of the magnificence within you. You are beginning to see that every experience and challenge has positive potentials within.

When you experience internal growth you begin to shift your awareness and see how capable, brilliant and adaptable you already are. It is simple because life is simpler than it often seems. We know this experience is not always easy. We know feelings are strong and that physicality and challenges are not easy.

As your conscious awareness grows, you will begin to see broader patterns in things like politics and taxes. You will see positive potentials within fears and mundane challenges. You will see how they speak of what some people are feeling, and what you are transforming within. You will see the divinity in all experience and the patterns playing out with all involved. Your internal transformation brings new energy into old patterns

This time is bringing into focus your ability to sense beyond the moment of the experience and the challenge, even loving a challenge until it becomes a resolution. Your biomechanism is geared towards love.


As you are utilizing more of your subtle energy, life will give you clues as to what is supporting you. It will give you clues about what is requiring change of direction and what is requiring patience. You are learning patience in great detail at this time.

Time is constantly moving. Things are constantly changing in the physical. Things that are changing in in the physical are changing more rapidly than they would have without your conscious awareness. It is your subtle focus and the momentum of energy that builds worlds. You are utilizing more of your subtle focus by thinking and feeling consciously. You are decreasing the time frame of physical manifestation.

Your manifestation is not instantaneous. It is not meant to be yet. But you will have moments where it is rapid. That is generally something that you are creating that there is not resistance to. And yet, what will create that most readily is patience.

Patience is peace in action. It is a very open and flowing state. As you are peaceful and in the present time frame, rather than being worried, life will flow more easily. As you are more and more peaceful, you are allowing life to support you. You are allowing and receiving it more.

Patience is a beautiful example of dealing with unconditionality and conditionality. In the physical realm, you have deadlines you must meet. Therefore, you must balance patience with action. When you are patient you are peaceful within.

At this point in time you cannot always track progress to know how much you have sped up or slowed something down. But when you are patient and peaceful, it doesn’t matter, because you are open and delighted with life. Whether it is a pleasant moment or not, you are flowing easily with it.

Patience is a great ally.

In the peaceful state of patience you are open to the flow of life. You receive it within and interact with it easily. As you find greater comfort with that, your energy field opens to the flow of information. Your energy field maintains its stamina and flow. Your choices come from your inspiration.


Learning patience is a fascinating experience because your experience is always about participation in life. One of the conditions of this reality is Time. Time is constantly moving. Therefore it is constantly moving within the conditions of this reality.

What patience does is it helps you to receive the subtle realms that are less affected by the conditions of time.

There are subtle experiences that have no time. You will have subtle experiences that slow or speed your perception of time in this reality.

Patience by Jamye Price

Patience is how you balance action and allowing. It is how you balance directing your energy and allowing your energy. Patience is how you discern your choices of interacting with life.

As you find a greater comfort level with knowing all is well, your energy field opens.

You are prepared, you are responding, you are adaptable and you are choosing. You recognize that something you may want now will be just as delightful in its own time frame. In that peaceful state you are open to life.

Adapting to life easily, interacting with it and responding to it is not just a passive state in this conditional reality. It still requires action, focus and some release. Then it becomes a natural foundation to you. Your interaction with life is peaceful because all is well.

Even the challenges have a potential to shift the flow of life. First within you, and at the appropriate time, within the physical reality around you. There are delights within all of it. This is an exciting time you are creating. We understand you don’t always get to see the subtle energy, but you are changing and creating it. At the perfect time you will see the new creation you are creating.

It is getting easier, and you are creating this ease. You have a support system that is invisible at this time, but it is here. Seek it out with your heart. Your feelings are taken in by Life. They are honored, embraced, changed and emanated out as resolution. The resolution is already formed, waiting for you to embrace it into physical form. At the perfect time, you will. It is natural to you. You are creating it.

You are creating a world that is becoming more interactive with you. A world in which it is easier for the children to maintain their love and empowerment. This will only grow. Embrace it, for it is changing. Delight in the small things and let them grow, because life is changing around you. Embrace it as it is changing, for that will allow the change to occur with much more ease. Your love, your passive force, embraces Life into a new foundation. You are creating a new Earth.


Transformation Lyran Channeling by Jamye Price

Blessed beings, as always it is a precious moment when we meet in your awareness for it is your awareness that brings life to form. You are constantly changing. This is an exciting tipping point of this time.

Your awareness is being utilized by you more consciously to shift your experience. Therefore, change occurs more easily and rapidly. You are beginning to resonate with this pace of change and what seems fast moving now will soon become a natural pace for you. You will feel more at ease with your change.

It is your perception of your challenges and your capability to adapt easily to change that makes a difference in this flow.


You are rapidly changing on conscious and physical levels, although the physical changes will take more time than your mental, emotional and subtle changes. Your awareness allows all of these changes to flow more easily.

Change is constant. You have become used to change of weather and seasons. Now you are learning to adapt more easily in your emotional situations, social situations, with technology and to your environment. Although change is occurring at a faster pace, it is becoming easier to you.

You are learning how to integrate more of yourself with the change.  

Changes in your environment include changes in weather. The way you adapt to change in weather is a good example of how to learn to work with the energy flow around you. As you observe weather you sense heat, moisture and pressure. You respond knowing that the weather will have an effect on you and your life. You adjust easily because it is a natural flow and you recognize that you must deal with weather.

This is a beautiful analogy of this time. You are learning to adapt and respond. As you begin to look at your life as something you can adjust to easily, you will begin to allow the flow of it more easily. You will allow the energy of Life to be fully received by you and to flow more easily with you. Most of this has been invisible to you and sometimes not easy.

You are supported through change because you have allowed yourself to receive energies that are changing your resonance and vibration.


You are receiving energy and information at all times. You are a biomechanism that naturally receives energy. As a species, you are becoming more consciously aware that life is interacting with you on many levels. Your conscious awareness is sensing and feeling what others are sensing and feeling. You are sensing things that are not said. You are sensing information that may not be in the current timeline. Information that may be from the past or the future.

This is an important and beautiful time. Your conscious awareness is calling you to more choice, more loving allowance and more wonderment with life.

Your conscious awareness of the energies you receive is key. You are meant to be interactive with your environment and the energies around you—interactive with nature, people and animals. Your consciousness is key.

As you receive these energies, you filter them through your internal environment. Your internal environment is your inner sacred space. Your choice and perception within is where you allow what you have received to become change.


As you allow the information of life to flow in, you are strengthening your ability to flow and respond with Life. Interaction becomes very natural. You feel it, ponder it and perceive it. Interaction becomes a give and receive. You find that experiences that once challenged you will have more flow to them.

As you receive Life, you are actually opening up to more of yourself. You are allowing more of yourself to emanate into the world. You will naturally begin to connect more with life and emanate your intentions and choices into your experience.


Look for small things that delight you. This is a way to access more conscious awareness within your experience. Small things allow you to connect with your environment and sense the subtle energy.

As you connect with colors, smells, temperatures, sounds and emotions you allow change to flow more easily.

As you allow the positives and negatives to thrill your discovery, you become more adaptable.

Life becomes more like play and less like pressure. The small delights allow that ease of taking the next step along your path.

Allow yourself to find the small delights. What is it that most delights you? What draws your attention? Are you more auditory or more visual? Do you like to think, feel, or physically create?

When you find the small delights, they will connect you with life and allow you to receive more. You will begin to feel less of a need to disconnect for protection. You will have a sense of more safety and wisdom. You will connect with life in ways that serve you and serve life. Your resonance is affecting your environment.


Your resonance is your vibrational information. It is shifting and changing at a rapid pace now because you are available to more change. Your resonance is affecting your environment. Your environment responds to you. The Earth is yours, just as you are of the Earth. Embrace it in all ways.

As you embrace Life, Life embraces you even more. In these powerful times, receive it, receive Life. Teach through your receiving, through your allowance and awareness of that which is delightful and interesting to you. For Life has information within it that is now within you and changing your resonance. Your resonance and your magnificence will become more obvious.

You are Love in Action Lyran Channeling by Jamye Price

As you find the small delights, let it be okay that sometimes you find sorrow. Sometimes you find fear or anger. Embrace it anyway, because as you do you are allowing it to transform. It becomes strength, wisdom, or new choice within your resonance. You are the Passive force of love that knows life is perfect and ever changing.


Love is a passive force. It is a force because it is powerful. It is passive because it will not overtake. It will open to allow and that which is resonant will create anewIt is passive in that you can never force someone to love. But you can call them to it and embrace them. As you love, you become a powerful force that creates life.

Life is constantly offering itself to you. It doesn’t matter if you are in a moment of fear, hatred or sorrow. It will embrace you. Life offers itself to you for creation, and that love is unconditional. Life gives itself easily to you. What you are doing now is receiving more of that. You are allowing your love to flow more easily into the world. This releases the control systems that have been flowing their own energy strongly. 

The truth of who you are is known to be love in action.

Your life is known to be in transformation. You are known to be capable, ever changing and magnificent. The truth of you is known. You are capable of embracing any experience you are having and transforming it. 

You naturally transform experiences. This is the beginning of unconditionality within this realm of conditions. Your unconditionality is in the subtle realm. Conditions are for the physical realm. Honor both. Remind yourself, “Yes, I am fully prepared for this. I am. I take it in. I transform it. If it takes a season, so be it. This fruit, too, shall ripen.”

The beauty of life is that you can refine your experiences through thinking and feeling. This has the potential to create excitement in every experience. Your conscious awareness of what you are experiencing is what defines and changes it. A beautiful aspect of physicality is that there is a duality. There are opposites. Your opposites create a complete whole. This is how you find your wholeness. This is an exciting part of life.

The Flow of Love

Blessed beings, as always, it is a precious moment when we meet in your awareness, for it is your awareness that brings form to life. It is your awareness that saturates a moment with your information. Your information is your intent. It is your vibrational resonance. It is your past, your present and your perceived future. It is your fears, your insecurities, your triumphs, and your knowledge. The magnificence of you is contained in your awareness. It saturates a moment.

As you allow your awareness to speak back to you, you find information in your experiences that is calling you to clarity—the consciousness and the empowerment that brings about a strong and empowered beingness. It brings about an enhanced flow in your moment. It is this flow that we would like to see emanating strongly from you. Even the parts that you feel are still saturated in fear or insecurity, let them flow. Let them flow.


The Flow of Love

As you take the risk to let your self flow into the world, what you will find is information that strengthens and supports you. You will find resolution happening more quickly as you allow your energy to flow forth. You will find that which you feared, that which you felt was lack—was actually misinformation. It was teaching you to discover the beauty that you are. It was teaching you to reach for it, to proclaim it, to own it, and to understand with greater clarity that you upon this earth make this experience much better. That you upon this earth is a blessing to life—not because you did something special, because you are special.

You are unique in form, you are unique in thought, you are unique in perception and every bit of you is celebrated by life endlessly. Endlessly—as you sleep, as you are awake, as you are angry, as you are sad, as you are confused, as you are enlightened—every bit of you is celebrated endlessly by Life. Yet it is you that must proclaim that for yourself.

As you proclaim the Love you deserve, just because you are you; you will find such Love flowing through you that you will see it in all you encounter. You will see it, not only in the self, but in all of those that you meet. You will see it in the moments of bliss and the moments that are calling for transformation. They will all be moments of progression to you because that love flowing through—received in and flowing out—will be filtering how you receive and how you flow.

Have you ever felt the judgment of another, especially when you weren’t trying to hurt or upset another? You feel it because you are sensitive enough to be aware of it. Have you ever felt the judgment of the self as you discern your own value, or lack thereof? You feel it because you are sensitive enough to feel it. You have the information system of your mental and emotional relay that shows you the full impact of your thoughts and your feelings, as well as the full impact of another’s thoughts and feelings.

As you feel that judgment, you understand what it feels like to stop the flow of love.

When you see your children or your animals do something that is harmful to the self or to another, you understand that they are learning or they are limited in experience and so you flow the love, you flow transformation into that moment. Do you do that also for yourself, do you do that also for others that are learning? Do you see that potential in the moment and hold space for that and allow the awareness that you have to flow into that moment?


Authentic Emotions

We often talk about being authentic with your emotions, authentic with your thoughts. This is a very important step because it helps you understand on a deeper level and make clear choice.

When you find yourself in a moment of judgment or anger—or any other challenging emotion—recognize that you have stepped upon a moment of clarity.

You have a choice at the point when you feel it to allow that thought or emotion to inform new choice, or to stop its flow and judge yourself for feeling or thinking it. As you are authentic with your thoughts and your feelings, you allow them to flow forth from you into your awareness and therefore your choice. Honor them, because everything that you could possibly think, feel, or do has a purpose and a potential that can bring great change and transformation to you and to those around you. Everything that you could possibly think or feel has a spiritual component to it because everything that you are is spirit in form. Everything. Everything.

As you become aware of these experiences, you are offered choice. Choice is an internal experience. Choice is first and foremost in the inner realm. In the inner realm is where it has its greatest expanse and impact. Quite often you have choice in the external world, but your choices in the external world are limited to the experiences that have already formed.


The Power of Choice

Let us say that again your choices in the external world are limited to what has already formed. In the internal you have a great expanse of choice. In the external you are dealing with what has already formed, and your choices will be progressions from that, but that form is informing your choice.

In the internal realm, you have the capability of choosing in the mental and emotional realm, and these subtle energies will transform the physical. It likely will not be spontaneously available because the physical takes time to form in this realm. Yet this is what brings the greatest change – the internal, the invisible, the subtle. So your choice is first and foremost internal. How will I react to this situation internally? This is the passive force.


The Passive and Active Forces

We have spoken recently of the passive force and the active force. The passive force being the invisible—its power is in the invisible, the subtle realm. The active force is what you are accustomed to in the physical realm. It is action. You see its experience around you.

There is great value placed on the active force; even utilizing the mental and emotional is generally put into the box of the active force. Yet what you are discovering now is that as you begin to utilize the passive force—more shifting in the invisible realm first, that you create a new experience over time. And yes, part of that contains moving through steps with what has already been formed.

Your passive force is not just letting go, or doing nothing. It is letting go of what has been holding you back. It is making wisdom choices of action steps that best serve the moment. It is finding forgiveness. It is choosing to love something you couldn’t love before. It is taking a risk to feel something you wouldn’t feel before. The passive force is your power of love. That is the passive force.

The passive force is the form builder, not the form reactor. It is the form builder because the subtle realm is where form starts. Your internal, subtle realm is where you create change in the physical realm for long term advancement, progression, and true change.

Both forces are valuable. You must utilize both. Yet what you are coming to understand is that the internal is just as valuable as the external. It is what creates form, so your shifting is first internal. That is where your choice resides. Your external world will sometimes show that response, and other times it will not be visible at first. This is where you are learning to trust the self. You are learning the patience of form building. You are learning to recognize the clues of form. Doors open, doors close, movement progresses. It slows, it stops, it turns direction. You observe these, you interact with them and you continue to watch your inner experience and shift through it.


Observing the Clues of Life

As an example, when you are creating sometimes it’s moving forward and you see progression and then it stops. You have choice. You have choice—do I take action to keep moving forward or do I not? There is no right or wrong answer because every experience is unique. But when movement stops, that is a message that the movement must stop, some sort of change is required. You assess, how do I change with this experience? Do I push forward? Do I stop, rest and allow new information to form? Do I change directions?

You utilize your inner experience to observe your own reactions. Observe your own resistance and ease into internal flow with the experience. As movement stops, you may take action to move it forward, rest, or shift in a direction. You will know that is the step to take because movement will occur as a result. If it doesn’t occur, then you have more validation that it is time to rest, to stop, or to change direction.

You are working with the internal and the external constantly. What will often happen as you begin to observe your internal realm, is when you meet a stopping of energy, you blame yourself. You wonder, what did I do wrong to create this? Something challenging happens. What did I do wrong to create this? What have I not cleared to create this?

Let that internal flow of love occur so that you don’t judge the self, but let the self receive the perfection of the moment. Receive it, for it is desiring to flow through; it is life creating with you.

Allow that stopping of movement or that challenge to become information flow, a teacher, a potential, an understanding, and a gift. As you allow it to become that, you increase your own flow.

This is the beauty of patience and it is also the beauty of determination to not let the self stop when energy is not flowing in the way that you want it to flow. Let the self rest. Let the self replenish. Let the self rejuvenate. Let the self find more love in that moment for the situation beyond yourself. For there are no mistakes that you can make.


This Time of Love Flow

Life is you and you are life in human form. All of life is conspiring for you and with you. Utilize your awareness of the magnificence that you are and your awareness of what the external is trying to bring forth from you.

Peaceful flow can seem quiet in a moment, or it can seem exciting in a moment, but it’s all peaceful flow because you are trusting your ability to respond. You are trusting your ability to choose and your ability to receive the replenishing love from a moment or an experience. Let yourself flourish with that.

This is what this time is calling you to do—to receive more love. Receive more love, because you will naturally flow it forth. It is an exciting time because you will begin to truly understand how much life is working with you and responding to you. It has not seemed obvious because as you have focused in the physical realm, you have not clearly made the connection between the internal, the time lag, and the external. Therefore it has seemed that life is happening around you and to you more often than not.

You are a forerunner of understanding that there is something within you that is connected to All Life and birthing forth from you. Life is not only happening around you—it is happening within you and outside of you. It is connected to you in ways that are often invisible at first. This is why we speak often of watching the news, watching your information on the Internet, or your televisions. You are connecting to others around the world and that information flow affects you. You take it into your being, and then you have a choice of what you will do with it. Will it be the vibration that dominates you? Or will you be the vibration that dominates it, and changes its flow from fear, trauma or drama into the potential of new solution?

As you take that information in, that life in; you must know your limitations of what you are able to handle in a moment. It is also helpful to stretch beyond those limitations at the pace that is appropriate for you. Just as you would work out your muscles—your boundaries are your energetic muscles. They help you lift, they help you carry, they help you push, they help you pull, they help you flow. When they are healthy, your boundaries receive and give, receive and give. It is not better to give than to receive, both are equally as valuable.

In one moment you may be giving more than you receive, and in another moment—for your health, you must receive. This is why you sleep. It is a time of receiving as you replenish. As you emulate the give and receive equally flowing in your waking state, you will feel much more replenished. Sometimes that means saying no. Sometimes it means saying yes. Either one of those can be comfortable or uncomfortable in a moment.

As you are trusting your flow with life, you will benefit from it—even if it is uncomfortable in the moment. Just as at times it is uncomfortable when you are strengthening your muscles. You recognize the benefit of it. Yet you also know if you try to lift weights that are too much for you, you will harm yourself. You approach it with a knowledge of what you can handle in a moment, and you approach it with the understanding that you are pushing beyond those limitations as appropriate in order to support yourself. It is the same with your energetic boundaries.

This is a time of discovering your power and your love so that you can emanate yourself into your life more clearly and receive from life more boldly.

Life is wanting to experience through you. You are Life. You are a magnificent being in a singular form in this physical reality, and you are connected to All Life.


Powerful Boundary Flow

The flowing of your energy out and receiving life into your energy—both of these are your boundaries. Boundaries are not just holding something at bay like a wall and choosing what will come in. That is one form of the boundary. And yet, as you emanate out you are creating a boundary. You are creating an energy resonance that is surrounding you just like a wall. But if you only hold boundaries to keep things out, you are not letting your energy flow complete its circuit. You are not receiving as much support from life. Your healthy boundaries are give and receive, give and receive.

You are meant to interact with life consciously, because indeed you interact with it at all times. At all times. This is why we remind you as you watch the news you are taking it in. You are not just having a reaction, you are having an interaction.

It is in your energy field and you have choice in that moment with your awareness as to what you will do with that vibration. It is painful sometimes, is it not? It is painful to see what is happening to some humans, or the experiences that you have had in your own life. Don’t lift more than you can handle. Don’t take it in and let it stay there. It is in another’s experience for a reason, and it’s in your awareness for a reason. Take it in, change it, and emanate something new out.

So how do you do that? What are the practical steps to change that energy?


Empowered Empath

As you observe something in your own life or another’s, something that causes you some sort of pain—this is your empathic nature. You are interconnected with Life and your empathy indicates that you are already strong enough to handle the information. But you may not have been taught how to deal with it throughout your life. This empathy that you feel—the emotional, mental, or physical pain of what one is experiencing—it is calling for you to seek resolution. You do not have to solve the problems of the world, you merely seek resolution internally. That is where your expansive choice resides.

As you observe and authentically feel an emotion or authentically think thoughts about the experience; you honor these and let them flow. Then as soon as you can, you utilize your awareness to find the potentials that are residing in that experience. You have had some very potent ones recently, yes? You have some very potent ones all over the world. People acting and reacting in pain with domination, greed is everywhere—and as you observe it, it can seem so big.

How is it that you finding peace within helps? As you observe something, you feel your authentic emotions and then as soon as you can, you seek a new awareness of the potential that is within the challenge. For example, what is the potential of war? That sorrow and fear brings a great desire for peace. You see more and more people protesting their wars and what their governments are choosing. You see more and more calling for peace. It brings about a strong desire for peace.

Then the logical mind can think: but there’s been protests for a long time and yet there is still war. Think your authentic thoughts and feel them. You do not benefit yourself or a vibrational emanation by trying to lie to yourself. Peace is not here now for everyone. Where will it start? Will it start within you? Even if you can only access it for a moment, will it start within you? Will you observe a situation and find a potential that you can call forth with your vibration?

The practical steps begin in the internal realm. As you emanate that peace, that new potential, that understanding of what humanity is calling forth by its own actions—as you emanate that forth, you do not get the satisfaction of seeing immediate peace. You do not get satisfaction of people recognizing that you emanated a new energy out and thanking you for it.

You do get the satisfaction of feeling more peaceful and understanding that the challenges of humanity become the catalysts for the solutions of humanity. It will continue to grow and grow.

Those that are controlling the information flow and even the wars will not continue to have power. Solution is building in ways that when it does come to form, it will be shocking because it will be new form, not just that which has already been created. But it doesn’t all happen at once. It happens in smaller steps and already there are countries, there are communities, and there are people that are living this peace. It will spread. It starts internally and you have the awareness to make your choices.

Your practical steps are to be authentic with what you are observing. Think and feel authentically, for even if you find yourself in a moment of anger or hatred, life is loving you unconditionally. That feeling you have is what will be the catalyst for more change. Think and feel authentically. Then as soon as you can, utilize your awareness to seek the potentials that are awaiting your focus to begin to form. Then let that flow out of you. It is a power that you are just beginning to discover to its true depths. It requires patience because the immediate response is not always visible.


As we prepare to leave, we offer to you all, our flow of love and admiration for what you are experiencing here in human form. We want you to remember the beauty that you are. Love yourself so unconditionally that everything that you experience is seen through that flow of Love. Loving yourself unconditionally helps you strengthen your boundaries of flowing out and flowing in with great power.

It is an honor to meet in your awareness. Eeshah, Ehmah, Ehtah—[which means] We love you, we receive you, our energies have combined and changed; which now moves forward in the experiences of Life. Eeshah, Ehmah, Ehtah.

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