Areon Channelings

Bridging the Unconscious

Bridging the Unconscious by Areon the Lyran Council of Time

Blessed being, as always it is a precious moment when we meet in your awareness. Your awareness is a powerful catalyst of creation.

As your clarity with your awareness is increased, your creative nature is also increased.

This is why we focus so much on releasing the inner discord and bringing the unconscious into conscious choice.

As you move into more consciousness within your inner experience, you begin to shift the experience around you in a way that aligns with your internal core of Love.

This is your subtle bridge, spiraling potential into creation.

Interacting with the subtle realms is something that comes naturally to you. Whether or not you are doing it consciously, you are continuously interacting with the subtle realm. This time of Ascension is about amplifying your conscious connection with the subtle realm.

Your ability to create clarity within aligns your world with your clear intent.

The Spiral of Creation

As you visualize the hourglass spiral moving, at the top its information is dispersed into a wide area—the movement is slow and easy.

If you were to imagine a speck [spark] of light at the top of the spiral, it spins slowly and gathers information and structure to it at a slow rate.

Without feeling too much push or pull, that speck of light is able to observe what is around it easily, recognizing what is similar and what is different, what is desired and undesired, and navigating movement reasonably.

As that spark of light continues to flow in the spiral, the movement increases in speed and it becomes more difficult to observe and choose slowly because there is such a pull to connection. There is also a strong repelling push from what is too different to maintain a bond.

In essence, this is what you see within the human experience now. There is an increased push-pull, a deeper bonding of that which is similar.

This creates more clarity of self, and more of a push-pull that separates, or a polarization.

Yet just as you see exemplified in your own cellular reproduction, separation is the beginning of new bonding of creation. Your work is to align within and allow the creation that is natural to you.

As you focus your awareness on your core intent, your deep core of Love, you are aligning with the connection of creation.

From Information to Transformation

As information travels through the spiral it becomes changed. It cannot remain the same because movement is the mechanism of change. The flow of Time shows you this.

What you are experiencing now is a natural push-pull as your collective moves through a tightening; an increase and amplification of the spiral flow of energy and light.

You are experiencing this on a collective level, as humanity chooses what breaks or bonds. The natural cycles of the spiral of your galaxy and the greater cycles beyond your galaxy create a push-pull. This naturally separates and bonds, creating change and evolution for Life.

You are experiencing this on an individual level, as a spark of life. It is your own spiraling movement that creates constant change as you go through connections and separations. This creates clarity of desire and direction within you.

The polarization that you are experiencing is an opportunity for choice.

The connection that you are experiencing is an opportunity for choice.

You become more conscious as you begin enveloping the unconscious into your conscious choice.

The Unconscious In-Formation

As a biomechanism, you never just observe, you always interact. Whether it is from what you observe through your own musing or from something you hear from another or through technology—you are always interacting.

You have a deeper understanding of the totality of life that is accessible by bridging the unconscious and the conscious mind. As you connect your unconscious and conscious, you change your interaction.

You must create this subtle bridge within.

Your Unconscious Mind by Jamye Price

The apparatus of the unconscious mind is a connection with the totality of information. It interacts with you through your conscious resonance, your choice.

Your conscious mind creates the expression of unconscious information. However, all unconscious information does not have to come into expression through you.

You begin to make more conscious choices when you expand your consciousness into a clarity that aligns with your core intent of Love.

Connect within the self and soothe fear into potential strength.

Release resistance that shuts down your broader flow and shift movement into transformation.

These healing intentions expand your consciousness, enveloping your unconscious to connect and form through your conscious choice.

The Unconscious Love Within You

The core intent of love is the binding force of all life. It is desire, it is creativity, it is life begets life. As you become clearer with your conscious choice, you are aligning your specific physical nature with your unconscious nature creating a unity within the self.

Union within the self creates access to vast amounts of information.

Your unconscious mind is your bridge to rapid evolution.

As you evolve, you begin enveloping the unconscious into your conscious choice.

This is the natural evolution for a species. Without the engine of the unconscious there would be no potential growth within the biomechanism.

Your unconscious mind is your creative key. It is a reflection of the totality of the universe within which you live.

It is available for more conscious connection as you soothe the fears within and as you heal the resistance that blocks you from your flow.

Your unconscious mind is the vastness available to you that has been storing data awaiting your resonance.

It awaits your choice to align it into form.

You are Divinely Unconscious

Your unconscious mind is the omniscient part of you, it is your bridge within the omniscience of life. It has a wisdom that understands reality and non-reality, or formed and potential.

When your physicality reacts, it shows you your dominant resonance. Data has no push pull in the unconscious mind, for all potential is honored.

Your conscious choice is important. Your consciousness brings potential into form.

Life flows to you unconditionally whether you are in a moment of pain or ease, rage or joy, harm or help. Life flows to you unconditionally.

As you nourish your inner realm and create clarity within, you enhance the strength of Life’s flow in all that you experience.

The strengthening is an inherent part of the process because without it potential does not come to form.

Humanity’s evolution is at an exciting point that demands that the unconscious information become more aligned with the conscious. Otherwise the push pull will become even greater.

Understanding and Peace by Jamye Price

The spiral movement breaks weak bonds and enhances strong bonds. It is the flow of life.

Just as within the subatomic structure, it is the neutral energy (neutrons) that is the powerful bridge between which creates stability.

This also reflects your bridge of conscious and unconscious. It is your neutrality; the peace that passes all understanding, that creates a stable connection between your conscious and unconscious mind.

Spiraling Your Conscious Creation

To establish a greater connection between your conscious and unconscious nature, merge with the image of the creator, the vastness, the totality. Imagine your physicality spiraling out, dissolving into All, connecting with the depth of invisible, infinite Love.

Nurture your inner dialogue—it is an important and creative aspect of your beingness. It is your subtle bridge connecting directly with the vast subtle realm. Allow your initial emotional and mental reactions to flow into your consciousness and transform.

You may do this in a meditative state, or even while interacting with another. Become astute in your own inner dialogue, discussing with yourself what you are sensing, even as you listen and connect more deeply.

As you allow your unconscious to connect with your consciousness, you allow your subtle bridge to strengthen and your clarity to amplify.

Compassion and appreciation are powerful catalysts for this process. Begin with amplifying compassion for yourself. It is self-love that nurtures creation through love—not for love, but through love.

As you ascend into more conscious choice with the subtle realm, you will learn to discern when life is showing you it is merging with your conscious choice of action.

It is your conscious choice that creates a stronger foundation of love in your life.

You clarify your inner realm so that the unconscious information, the totality of what is available to you, connects consciously with you.

As you clarify your inner realm, the unconscious information that is opposite from your conscious desires is transformed.

The fears no longer hold unconscious sway over you.

The resentments, anger, blame, and guilt do not block you from your inherent creativity. It becomes transformed into a conscious understanding, a subtle bridge of connection.

Honor the sacred gift that you are to life.

Divine potential has always been within you.

Your conscious choice brings potential into form.

This is a time of powerful clarification for humanity.

It is with deep compassion that you create the future. You birth it constantly with your choice.

It is the strength of the compassionate ones that will define the future of love.

Nurture the self. You are a valuable aspect of Life—Life flows through you.

Nurture your compassion and appreciation within. Strengthen your clarity. Life will then begin to align more strongly with your intent.

Your unconscious vastness becomes visible as Life offers you itself to create.

As always, it is a profound opportunity to meet in your awareness.

Eeshah, Ehmah, Ehtah.

You are loved, you are received, Life is transformed because of you.

The Spiral of Creation

The Spiral of Creation by Areon the Lyran Council of Time

Blessed Being, as always, it is a precious moment when we meet in your awareness. It is your awareness that shapes this world, just as it is this world that moves you into more creation.

You are in a powerful time of amplification as the movement around you brings rapid change. Yet, as you relax into this movement, you discover the power of your inner realm. This time calls you to clarify and empower your inner realm.

It is the natural way of Ascension.

Your Infinite Creativity

The spiral is the core of all structures that you observe and create. It is the core of physical structure and the core of subtle structure. The spiral form is shaped like an hourglass that starts wide at top, gets tighter in the middle and wider again at the bottom.

The spiral shape is the same as the infinity symbol. The infinity symbol represents the spiral in two dimensions. The continual movement of life.

The spiral energy is an important energy because at its core, it teaches you that you can go with the flow and you can direct the flow. Duality connected. This is different than controlling the flow.

What you are now experiencing, in this time of amplification, is an increase in the spin of the spiral energy. This spin is affecting you physically, emotionally and mentally. You can observe this in your weather and your news stories. The mental and emotional aspect within everyone is being spun in a way that is either separating to self or connecting to self more.

Love is the energy that aligns and connects Life. As you are loving your self and loving Life, you are creating a strong bond within that amplifies your focus. The power of loving yourself is that you become much clearer in loving Life. Life is fail-safed toward Love.

Life wants you to flow your energy into Life. That is how Life continues. You are Life. Love shapes the future with its clear resonance. Take that power—because Love never overpowers. Love creates resonance.

Own Your Creativity

This time(space), as the spiral energetic amplifies, is calling for those strong enough to flow their energy more boldly into the world. Trust that you will flow action when the movement is clear and calling you forth.

This period of intense flow will stir you to action very clearly or it will pull you back to find your center.

From your center, action becomes clear.

It is the equivalent of the spiral flowing so tightly in the middle that both sides (above and below) are touched. There is a clarity within this connection and direction becomes clearer. Until then, you must go with the flow of the spiral—observing, healing, choosing anew.

You will know when and how action is appropriate, even if you don’t have all the details. You will have a compelling from the vast aspect of you. There will be a smoother flow with your action.

Allow yourself more peace to discover appropriate action. Allow yourself more peace to move through all aspects of creation, even the ones that aren’t as easy or satisfying.

Relax Into Creativity

Allow yourself time to relax into connection with your experience. This will help you find clarity.

Relaxing is the equivalent of enjoying your flow. Is this not the way of relaxing?

But you have been taught that to create you must work hard, and yes; your participation is required. But as you relax, the energy of joy amplifies your experience, your capability and your flow.

When you relax, you open your energy field and allow more of your connected self to create with you. This blends the physical (1% of you) and non-physical (99% of you).

Relaxing doesn’t mean no action. In contrast, it is smoother action.

Relaxing is a spectrum of participation that may be fast-paced or slow, it may be intense or easy, it may be frustrating or funny. But underneath all of that experience is an openness to your inherent capability.

Things seem to speed up when action is calling you. Things seem to slow down when patience and integration is needed. This is the spiral flowing. Allow and enjoy both, and you are relaxing into the natural flow. You have a choice of how to flow that energy. Life surrenders to you. You are that powerful.


Do not fear your choices because you have an invisible aspect of yourself that is infinite, connected to all of Life and knows how to communicate with you. It has been doing this your entire Life.

It (your Higher Self) understands clearly the best path for the future you are wanting to create. You can resist it; however, it is difficult to do so. Soothe yourself into a clarity of connection that will provide the appropriate path for the future you are creating.

Higher Self Communication by Jamye Price

As you relax, the Higher Self can communicate more easily with the physical self. As you relax you are allowing an opening of your energy field that creates a resonance of peace and neutrality. This opening creates a connection with the new.

Your own neutrality is a powerful ally in creating clarity and strength that serves your future. You are creating a future that is resonant with peace. You are creating a future that is resonant with your joy and desires.

Go with the flow of what you are experiencing. When it gets intense, nurture yourself to go inward more. This is what the intensification of the spiral calls you toward. Inward can sometimes mean connecting in the moment and sometimes connecting in the past or future to heal your thoughts and emotions.

Connect in a way that benefits your strength in the moment. This connects you with your loving power, which is what changes the future.

Create with Resonance Before Action

Your peace in the present moment is the most powerful transformer of your Life. It has a resonance that creates the new. Action that stems from your peace will direct you to interact or direct you inward as appropriate.

Relaxing into Life is a powerful opener and clarifier of energy.

To do this, begin with observing the present moment. Connect with the potentials that are being created. Here you begin to layer your multidimensional, infinite nature into your present moment. When you are more consciously connected to your Higher Self, you are able to connect beyond linear time.

It is as simple as observing potentials.

Empowered beings are connected to the present moment and strong enough to see beyond it to build the future.

From that place of observing potentials, remind yourself, “I know the future is changing. I know the future is building in a way that is more resonant with my Love because I am creating it. I am being it.”

Healing Your Resonance into More Empowerment

When the physical experience is overwhelming and you have no flow, focus inward. Take some deep breaths and ask yourself, “What is this opportunity giving me?”

Inner Potentials by Areon the Lyran Council of Time

It can give you more clarity, strength and a clearer desire of what you would like to create. It can give you replenishment because it is a time for patience, not action, while form builds (even if just in the subtle realm). It can give you new inspiration or support.

There is a benevolent reason why flow is not occurring easily at the moment.

Take the benefit. Shift your resonance by shifting your subtle bridge—your thoughts and emotions.

This small shift in your focus begins to align you with a new potential.

You Were Born to Create

You are in a time of intensification that is seemingly moving so fast. This timespace is like the point in the spiral that is tightening and tightening as it meets in the middle of the hourglass. It feels like you are being pulled to the middle and also being pushed outward.

If your physical action has no easy flow, focus inward. Relax. It is time for the use of the subtle emotions and thoughts. Allow that natural flow of releasing the physical responsibility.

Honor the power of your subtle energy. The impact is much greater than the physical resistance that you may try to create. Use the universal laws of nature as the spin is intensifying, and let go of the physical resistance. Let go of trying so hard. Utilize the power of your subtle energy.

Often you have been taught that control is from the outside and that you must respond to that or suffer. This is not the whole truth. Your awareness has power. Your subtle energy has power. Your physicality also has power.

When you are grounded in the present moment you are using the full spectrum of your being to transform your Life in many directions. Yet you only need to focus within. The key is having patience for the subtle to build in physical form.

Being in the present moment helps you discover the power of your awareness.

Have patience to trust yourself and Life. Discover empirically that you create your own reality.

Relaxing into Life provides you with the patience to allow the subtle to build. It takes practice because you have been taught to focus physically. Now you are using more of your subtle power.

You are creating a powerful experience of Life where the subtle energy within each of you is honored. This powerful time is calling you to focus and choose Love in your Life. Boldly say yes and boldly say no.

Choose Love even if it isn’t the easy choice in the moment.

You are blessing Life with your focus. Honor that power. Own your power and utilize it. It will become more fun as you use your imagination to build the future that you want to experience. Relaxing is fun. It is more powerful than you have been taught.

You have great power. The gift that you give to Life is immense.

You have such power that Life shapes to you.

Honor the beauty that is within you. Honor the power that flows through you, it is the same power that build worlds. It is in You.

Eeshah, Ehmah, Ehtah. It is a great honor to meet in your awareness.

Spiraling with Time

Spiraling with Time Lyra Channeling Areon with Jamye Price

Blessed beings, as always, it is a precious moment when we meet in your awareness, for it is your awareness that shapes life.

It is your awareness that builds the future. It is your awareness that draws to you that which you will experience, that which you will change, and that which you will create.

Your awareness is the powerful catalyst that continues life’s progression. It is an immense power. It is a quiet power. It is a passive power.

Active and Passive Forces

We speak of the active force and the passive force in relation to your experience here so that you will begin to recognize the immense power that is within you and understand its workings. This helps you balance the physical expression and non-physical expression that you are.

Your passive force is a non-physical force. It is a subtle force. It is the force that creates a compelling of life to it. The active force consumes, the passive force compels.

In physical form, you utilize both of these and this is important. What you are learning now is to adjust the usage of your non-physical form and utilize that great momentum, the passive force, that is within you. These are the rules of the subtle realm.

We have used the reference of the atomic structure in a very basic form so that you recognize the basic building ratio of 99% space and 1% matter. This same ratio is throughout all aspects of physical form. You have 99% non-physical you, and 1% physical matter. You reside in a world of 1% physical matter and 99% non-physical.

Your thoughts and your feelings, your subtle bridge, are your communication with non-physicality, so as you think and as you feel, you compel. That is your passive force.

But the passive force and the active force must meet in the physical realm, so they are always interacting. Where the two meet is where new creation begins.

It is your choice point.

Where the passive and the active forces meet is your choice point.

The passive force is like that minute energy within an atom that, when utilized, becomes an enormous force. That same power is within you. As you utilize the passive force, which from the physical realm seems minute, it becomes an enormous force because you are utilizing the momentum of that huge 99% engine that creates worlds. That is within you.

Your awareness is that catalyst where the passive and the active forces meet.

Your Relationship with Time

Now, we want to review some of how we have been speaking about Time because this information is designed to help you understand your awareness more clearly.

We have said that Time is a relationship. As you experience it, you see its effect. This is what we would call the active force of Time, the effect that it has here in the physical realm, the 1%. You see the passage of days, nights, weeks, seasons, cycles.

You experience it linearly here in physical form, and that is the active expression of Time, but Time is a subtle experience as well. Time has a relationship with you because as you actualize your understanding of your feelings and thoughts with Time, you begin to interact on a subtle level with a powerful quantum engine. You adjust your relationship with Time.

As with all subtle energies, they work with a compelling, or a resonance, which attracts and combines. As you work in the physical realm, it is your active choice of action that consumes and creates anew.

The difference then, as you relate to Time, is to shift your resonance, your relationship within, and Time will respond to you differently.

As you open your energetic flow, you are allowing Time to flow more smoothly within and through you.

As Time flows more smoothly through you, your manifestations seem to come faster. They do—but you can not do it for the speed of it. That is active force. You can not manipulate resonance, you must be resonance.

All physical matter contains a relationship to Time within it. Within every cell, within every chemical bond—there is a relationship to Time within that structure. Time’s flow is within the matter.

Think of this as you would imagine sound waves that could travel through a wall, and if you were on one side of the wall, the sound would be clear and obvious. It would pass through the wall, affecting that structure and be audible on the other side. Perhaps not as clearly, but physically audible. Just as all of that structure has sound flowing through it, Time has a similar functionality. It’s flow is in-built into all matter. All matter interacts with it. All structure interacts with It. Ultimately, Time is movement from this perspective. It’s movement is the spiral.

Allowing Time to Flow

The passive force of Time is calling for you to allow that flow through your structure more readily. Rather than resisting it, allow Time to flow through easily.

This relationship with Time is your peace, your openness, your knowing that all is well and occurring perfectly, and that all that you need, you will access in that moment. You are prepared and you are open—you are peaceful—Time then flows through your structure more easily.

Instead of just reacting to what is occurring, you are flowing and allowing this natural law to propel you and compel you through your choice. Rather than mere reaction, you are utilizing an open awareness and responding.

This relationship with Time is offering you more ability for the natural laws of the universe to interact with your mastery.

You are utilizing your vibrational resonance, and consciously choosing to utilize the 99% non-physical of you.

Spirals of Time

We used a visualization recently to discuss Time as the hourglass of a spiral, a spiral that is wide at the top and gets smaller towards the center and then spins in the other direction and gets wide at the bottom.

We use this visualization because it actually represents the physical structure of Time, though it is invisible, because Time moves in relation to its environment and all energy here spins. Time is in-built into all physical matter so it represents the same structure of movement.

The spiral, while you can use the metaphor in many ways, represents an aspect of “physical” Time. It is a toroidal shape expanded and stretched. As you imagine that hourglass spiral that is spinning slowly and wide at the top and then getting smaller and faster as it meets the middle, that point in the middle is where you could imagine the metaphor of the passive and active forces meeting. The spiral then shifts direction.

The Core of Your Power

Imagine this spiral—with this active and passive force meeting at the core of that spiral—this is what your awareness does. Allow that flow to occur and allow the natural momentum of life to work with you and through you.

This is the core of your power, that as you allow that spiral of Time to flow its ease within you, you create a powerful reaction that shifts the physical structure here on Earth. It just takes Time.

When you can observe Life from the possibilities and enjoy the interplay of what you are desiring, and then the synchronistic information that flows to you—it becomes more exciting.

When you allow those synchronicities to show you that you are creating a difference, you are tapping into information and knowledge that is natural to you—it makes it more exciting. Then accessing patience becomes easier, and it becomes a much smoother ride. This spiral is the core of peace that smooths your flow with Time.

Love is a Passive Force by Jamye Price

Weekly LightBlast: Allowing Love

There are still some exciting ups and downs, yes, but a much smoother ride because you are allowing the ups and the downs to flow with you because you know the outcome—creation. The spiral continues.

So as you observe your interaction with Time, you can utilize that imagery of the hourglass spiral and observe how things move along that spiral and reach a culmination point.

Now imagine that it is you on that spiral. What would that ride be like? It would be a little calmer at certain points, it would begin to get faster and faster and faster, and what occurs as you are spinning faster? Physically, you start to feel a push-pull, a pressure.

Are there any instances that you can see a push-pull going on in your world? Yes, that spiral is spinning faster and reaching a culmination point of change.

Going Inward

If you were in that spiral and spinning faster, what would be your best choice to deal with that push-pull? Physically with your body, as you resist that push-pull, it becomes very difficult. When you relax into it, that spin carries you. As that spin gets tighter and tighter, your body folds in on itself in this physical metaphor.

As the spiral spins faster and faster, that is the Time to go inward.

That is a Time to utilize that powerful catalyst within you and allow that quiet, passive point within you to release that nuclear power of awareness and choice.

You go inward and that new clear reaction happens within you because you are observing the possibilities. You are observing the potential that humanity is spinning ever faster into.

You are utilizing that powerful force within you to focus inward on your desires and let that catalyst of your passive, 99% engine of Life, react with this environment.

That is the power of love, that is immense within you.

It is the passive force, and this passive force is a powerful force. It is the force that is so powerful that it does not need to dominate to understand its power; it merely compels; and it builds worlds.

When that spiral is spinning fast, it creates a new world, a new clear world. That is the power of your consciousness and it is occurring continuously. As you utilize that awareness, you allow your choice to flow more strongly into this world.

As you focus your powerful passive force with your peaceful purpose, you are amplifying the power of your awareness. You are not seeking to control out of fear, that is an active force applied into the subtle realm. It creates, but with a chaos that seeks its structural resolution. Love is the creational current of the cosmos.

Seek your internal peace, and you will be expanding your spiral of influence—for the open, aware and Knowing state of peace is powerful.

As always, it is an honor to meet in your awareness.

Eeshah, Ehmah, Ehtah. We receive you, we Love you, we carry your Love forward as Life is changed by your interaction.

Eeshah, Ehmah, Ehtah.


Clarity Lyra Areon Channeling by Jamye Price

Blessed Beings, Life is ever moving and ever changing. In your moment of stillness, or deep connection, that is where your clarity is heard. It does not yell, it is often a profound silence.

Underneath words or without words, it matters not; for the subtle realm hears your stillness.

The future is a response to the present moment and it awaits your desire and clarity of knowing to realign itself for you.

The subtle realm hears your clarity with the totality of understanding your full resonance. As you honor your authentic thoughts and emotions you are aligning with the subtle laws of time and space.

Clarity of Time

Quite often as humans are interacting with time they experience it as a burden that cannot be shifted and begin to experience some unconscious resistance.

They observe the past and what had been lost.

They observe the future and fear the unknown.

They resist the present because to fully be in it brings thoughts and emotions that may not feel comfortable.

But as you honor the conditions of this reality, you begin to find your footing. You find interactions that create a strength of Knowing within the self. This is your clarity. Not all the answers of the future, but the power of the present moment embodied within.

Honor the Past

As you shift your inner experience, you can then authentically observe the past and experience a new perspective. Allow yourself to feel and experience a new perspective of that which has passed in the physical realm.

It was a catalyst that fostered strength, understanding and compassion. It created a strong desire for change.

Honor the Future

The strength within the core of the self understands what it is to be in the eye of the storm and to allow the self to observe the future and the unknown. While the details of the future are unknown, the Knowing that all is well maintains your stability, even through change.

You become the eye of the storm, that stable calm as life spins around you. This is an important understanding for you now, as life spins ever faster.

Empower the Present

To recognize and affirm that all is well in the present creates a future aligned with your peace that passes all understanding. You are ever changing as you create a strength of knowing within your self that all is well.

Soothe the mind into understanding that all is well. Details will follow. As you learn to find your peace within the unknown (the subtle realm), you learn the skills of following the clues of life and directing from there.

This is a refining of information. It is subtle realm communication.

Clarity of Space

Your knowing that you exist within the physical realm and the subtle realm creates a shift. There is a transformation and a release as you allow yourself the authentic flow of emotion and thought.

You move through the thoughts and emotions, you are not bound by them. You become a master of your interaction with the flow of Life. The difference is your conscious interaction with it.

When your core is strong with the knowing of your sacredness, empowerment and that all is well—life flows more easily. It responds to you, and you find yourself aligning with Life in sacred and special ways.

You begin to see the magic that you are, that which Love is. You begin to see that the “magic” in life is not an illusion, it is real and natural. But it is a choice.

Honor Choice

Life is wanting you to thrive, to allow Life through you. As you direct your choice and allow Life to respond, you are flowing with Life and Life is flowing with you more easily. The full give and receive of life is manifesting through you.

New solution and new experience is being born through you.

You do not need to figure it all out. Become resonant with the peace that passes all understanding and all understanding will pass through you.

Understanding and Peace by Jamye Price

Choosing Freedom

Your freedom is an internal experience. Your inner realm is your sovereign domain. How you maintain your inner realm, affects your creativity and your interaction with life.

When you are free within, you are able to create and interact more easily.

How do you find your inner freedom? Allow forgiveness. Allow new perception. Allow transformation to occur so that all experiences become new strengths, new wisdom, new understanding of the self. This heals the past into an empowered present.

Allow excitement, play and creativity to flow. Transform worry or the fear of the unknown into a strength of understanding that Life is wanting to respond to you. This creates a future that is resonant with your empowered present.

Embody the fullness of the present moment.

The present moment contains the past and the future connecting through the core that you are. Embody your present moment fully. That is how you access that peace, stillness and the ability to observe with the detachment that All is Well.

Clarity Within

Begin to perceive the beauty in Life, even the challenges. By beginning to perceive the beauty that you are, you see that your core strength maintains a powerful alignment. Life responds powerfully to this flow.

Be unconditionally loving with yourself. Be unconditionally loving with your past. Be unconditionally loving with your future. Be unconditionally loving with your present moment, even as authentic thoughts and feelings flow.

The positive emotions are supporting you. The negative emotions are strengthening you.

As you perceive all is well, observe the beauty in life, and love yourself unconditionally; you are transforming the negative into a connection with Love that no longer separates the two.

Negative is not Opposition by Jamye Price

The negative then becomes merely an opposite, not an opposition. Duality no longer holds sway over you. You have become the eye of the storm—the strength that maintains its balance, even as life spins around it.

As you create your clarity within, you allow the harmony of the spiral of Life to flow strongly to you, through you, and to create with you.

We love you. We receive the beauty that you are. You are magnetic and magnificent. This interaction with you changes all of Life. Eeshah, Ehmah, Ehtah.

The Relationship of Time

Time Relates to You by Jamye Price

Blessed beings, as always, it is a precious moment when we meet in your awareness; for it is your awareness that aligns Life. It is your awareness that brings experience into focus and creates the future. Your awareness and perception of Life is what shapes it. Your awareness is the catalyst that Life responds to.

You are both physical and subtle energy. Physical reality has rules that you must follow in order to interact with it. We call this the conditional realm. When you honor the conditional realm, you merge more easily with the rules of the subtle realm.

Time is a fact of this physical reality. In the physical realm, Time has conditions. It has what you term linearity. It has steadfast rules, and yet it has a subtle aspect that you are beginning to interact with more.

As you interact with the physical aspects of Time—the past, the present, the future; you begin to understand that Time is a relationship. That understanding helps you to interact more with the subtle aspect of Time. How do you relate to the past or the future? This relationship is creating your experience.

Time itself is not physical. Time is a condition in this physical reality. We are not proponents of saying that Time does not exist because you do experience it in the physical realm. To say, “time does not exist” inhibits a clear relationship with Time. It inhibits your understanding, application and transformation of your relationship with Time.

Your physical expression interacts with some conditions of Time. However, it is not the whole truth of Time. Time has a subtle aspect as well.

Your Subtle Relationship with Time

All of Life is a relationship from your perspective. Time is a relationship. The rules of your physical interaction with Time and life are movement, action and participation.

As you begin to shift your relationship with Time, you begin to interact with the subtle realm in a different way. You align your creative mastery and your conscious connection with the subtle aspect of Life. You are then relating to Time just as you relate to people, thoughts and emotions.

Your relationship with the subtle aspect of Time is your subtle bridge. Your thoughts and emotions are your connection to and how you relate to the subtle aspect of Time. Your inner peace and your inner clarity shifts your subtle relationship with Time.

Spiraling Time

We want to give you a visual to help you understand your interaction with Time. Visualize a spiral. It starts wide at the top and gets tighter in the middle until it gets to the central point where the tightness implodes and then it will begin to spin outward again in the opposite direction.

You live within a spiral galaxy. All that interacts within this realm has the spiral energy of movement. Time also follows this flow.

You can imagine the spiral as an hourglass shape. At the top it is dispersed, it gets thinner in the middle and then it starts to disperse out again. There is a central core column to it. That central core column is the stillness, the connection.

This is how to imagine your relationship with Time.

The central core column of the spiral is how you relate to Life as it moves around and through you.

All that interacts through the spiral energy of movement creates a torus. A torus is created as the movement of the spiral creates its own electromagnetic force. This creates a boundary—of form, energy or interaction.

Your DNA has this toroidal shape. Your energy field has this same toroidal shape. There is spiraling movement that flows around, through and from you. You are the central column that is “still.”

As you begin to understand the power of your perception and perspective, you begin to strengthen the core of flow that is within you, transforming your flow with Time. You create a clarity and an alignment that allows you to communicate more consciously with Life.

Movement of Time

There is a greater truth that you are bringing into your consciousness. Movement doesn’t just happen separate from you. Movement happens with you, because of you, and is a catalyst for you.

This central column upon which the spiral aligns and creates its clarity of flow is a metaphor for your own clarity. The strength of your alignment increases your clarity so that your thoughts and emotions interact directly, consciously and boldly with the subtle realms.

Time is a relationship. Time is relating to you.

How you relate to Time changes your experience.

How you relate to Life, changes your experience with Time.

As you maintain your peace, you are that strong central core of the spiral connecting consciously and boldly with Life.

Life then responds to the catalyst of your awareness and your relationship with Time changes.

You have some very natural sayings that point to this phenomenon. “Time flies when you are having fun.” This saying is an indicator of that relationship with Time. The clock, the physical conditions of Time do not change, yet it is your experience of Time moving slow or fast. As you are experiencing things flowing smoothly, Time flows smoothly. As you feel or perceive resistance, Time exhibits that resistance.  

The rules of the physical realm require your interaction for change. The rules of the subtle realm require your resonance in order for the interaction to create your experience.

The rules of the subtle realm are resonance and response.

To interact differently with the subtle aspect of Time, you shift your resonance. When your resonance is resistance, Time resists. When your resonance is joyful, Time flows quickly and smoothly. When your resonance is focus, Time responds with focus. When your resonance is desperation, Time responds with chaotic flow. It is relating to you.

Subtle Realm Creating by Jamye Price

The physical realm of Time represents a certain spectrum of the movement of Time.  The subtle nature of Time represents a broader, more malleable spectrum of Time.

Your non-physical senses can experience your Timeless nature. Meditation is an example of an interaction that can shape your experience of Time. As you go within, while in meditation, you align with your inner stillness. You detach from the physical experience and change your relation to Time.

As you meditate, your non-physical senses step outside of Time. You come into alignment within the self and your experience of Time changes. At times you may feel as if no time passed, but you find that indeed the opposite is true. Your conscious focus is detaching from the physical realm and interacting more directly with the subtle realm.

Spiraling Synchronicity

Within the self, the core column is strong. This spiraling core column is the stillness. The core column is still in relation to the vast movement that occurs around it, through it and from it. Your experience of this still point, this vector sum zero, is inner peace. It is non-resistance—passive and active, detachment and focus, clarity and unknown, freedom and control. It is the stillpoint of movement.

Life responds to your strong core column. This is how Time responds to you.

One if the most common ways that you notice this is synchronicity. Synchronicity is an alignment of energy. It stands out to your consciousness because you recognize the “magic” of that alignment. In a moment of synchronicity, you recognize a special alignment. This is an alignment that you and Life have co-created. It demonstrates that you and Life are communicating well.

As you continue to consciously communicate with Life, you develop a clearer understanding of the physical realm and non-physical realm. From your human experience, this also represents the detached observer.


Detachment is not a lack of compassion, it is a lack of turmoil. It is not a lack of emotion, it is a lack of turmoil. It is observing that moment, whether it is an easy or challenging moment, and knowing that all is well.

Detachment is knowing that the present moment is building a future that will be changed by the catalyst of the present. The core stillness within you represents the detached observer in a moment that knows that all is well.

Detachment is Lack of Turmoil by Jamye Price

Your strength within, your core of knowing, aligns you to Life more boldly. You are honoring the self. Within the self that core column is strong. It holds a highly magnetic stillness. When that core column, the stillness of self, is strong—you hold a strong magnetic resonance.


As you shift your resonance, the importance of your authenticity helps you discover the clarity of your uniqueness. Your perceptions, desires, experiences and capabilities are unique. As you honor your uniqueness, you enhance the strength of the electromagnetic resonance that you are.

It is your authenticity and honoring of the self that creates your core strength. This aligns your heart and mind. This aligns your actions and interactions in the physical realm with the core of your desires.

Time Peace

Your core strength creates a core of inner peace. This releases your resistance to Time. It allows your relationship to Time to change as you peacefully observe life.

As you boldly and consciously honor your desires and choices, you communicate with the clarity of your thoughts and emotions. The clarity of honoring the self speaks boldly and strongly to the subtle realm.

The universe, which is Life in a different form, understands your subtle language. The universe speaks the totality of your vibrational information.

You are vibrating into the cosmos continuously.  Whether you are asleep or awake, scared or joyful, excited or upset, it is all information. It is all a moment in Time. It is all a moment that catalyzes a future. It is spiraling through you and from you continuously.

Resisting Time

When you are in a moment of resistance, it is not as easy to get into that quiet meditative state of inner peace.  It is in those moments of inner chaos that relating to Time becomes elusive.

This is why the core work of Ascension is inner work.

The inner work of Ascension is to honor the rules of the physical realm and merge with the rules of the subtle realm. This changes your resonance within and allows your interaction with Time to shift.

It is a constant process to realign your physical experience to connect more with the subtle realms. In the subtle realm you must become resonant with that which you want to experience so that you are a strong magnet aligning to Life. When you begin seeing synchronicity, that alignment is occurring.

As you experience the peace that passes all understanding, that core column of you has a strength and clarity that the spiral of Life moves harmoniously to, through and from—and physical Life is transformed.

The Power of Inner Stillness by Areon

This is utilizing the power of the subtle realm, your subtle bridge, to transform the physical realm.

Honor your brilliance that is innate within you. Honor that your physical expression is unique. In all of Time and space there is no other unique expression of you. You are brilliant.

You have a strong resonance that Life responds to. Time spirals into you and aligns with you. You could call that speeding Time. You could call it jumping Timelines. It is merely your core clarity creating a strong resonance that Life responds to.

As you maintain your core column of inner peace, you are aligning Life in profound ways. Action creates, peace transforms your entire experience. Honor your inner power.

Eeshah, Ehmah, Ehtah. We receive you, love you, and life is changed by interaction with your awareness. You are a powerful form of Love.


Creativity by Areon with Jamye Price

Blessed beings as always it is a precious moment when we meet in your awareness, for it is your awareness that brings forth life into this physical realm. As we meet in your awareness, our energies merge and our energies are changed—both yours and ours. We recognize that we speak to the warriors who are remembering the truth of who they are.

The beauty of this time, in this in-form-ation age, is that you are touching information with your awareness and influencing your world more. You are bringing your information into experiences that you will physically never touch, but your awareness does. This is the power of your connective devices, and they portend what is inherent within you, birthing into your awareness. Your awareness touches life, shifts it, shapes it, changes it.

Your awareness is the core of creativity.

Your creativity begins in the internal realm. Your awareness of how you are influencing your world, how your world is influencing you and how you can make new choices that will begin to shape your experience. 

What you will first experience is your reaction. This is vital information. You receive information that may or may not feel good to you. As you bring that experience within and allow it to merge with your energy, you have a choice to shift and shape that experience with your energy.

As you consciously observe information you receive from your world and mix it with your vibration, you make a conscious choice. You release inhibitions to your creative force.

Focus Your Love by Jamye Price

Observe the information that you are receiving, and consciously mix its vibration with yours. Make a conscious choice to love more.

Create with Full Information

As you love yourself, forgive and release painful experiences, you become more connected to the vastness that you are. You become more connected to your limitless power and the infinite loving being that you are. You have more access to the flow of love, of energy, new information, and ideas as you love yourself more.

The information that you observe and respond to includes all the energies from the Earth and her inhabitants, the cosmos, the alignments of the planets, and the information that is within all the light around you.

You are in constant communication with all of life around you. You have been readjusting your own experience because of the intensification of these energies. You are at a time where the flow of information is becoming more conscious.

If you feel overwhelm, nurture yourself into more peace. Inner Peace increases your openness to flow easily with Life.

Create with Loving Focus

Facing the challenges of these readjustments of increased energetic flow is a form of creativity. You are dealing with changes to the collective as humanity is on a new track. All of this supports your creativity, for it is your creativity that leads the track of humanity.

As you observe your energy, you may notice that at times your creativity shifts and slows down as you react to humanity and the collective shifting in a new direction. At times you may find that you are having more of an emotional and mental focus, rather than what you are physically creating.

It is valuable to have time to focus upon your internal expression so that you begin your creations with much more clarity. As you free yourself from discordant information that you were holding within, you release unconscious vibrational information that was causing a lack of clarity. You are then able to choose your next steps with much more clarity.

Make a conscious choice to find an internal perspective that feels better, more loving, and authentic to you. As you Love your self and Life more, you are supporting your creativity to become a dominant resonance in your world. 

It is important to relax into your creativity and recognize what you are feeling internally as you are creating.

This will help you open to new information, alignments and synchronicities. It will help you ease into life more. Relax into life more. Everything that is occurring is supporting you into change.

Life is Loving you so dearly that it would bring forth change to propel you into creativity you did not feel comfortable with before.

Love is Like Oxygen by Jamye Price

Are you ready? Say YES! Life would not call you forth into that change and creativity if you could not handle it. Your creativity is coming to a new level. Relax into it. Open your heart, your mind and open to Life.

Everything that is occurring is Life loving you into new experience.

As you release perceptions of your inability to create, you enhance your internal flow of love. You find freedom, connection and ability to fly. It connects you, in this linear moment, with the future that you want to create.

Life is loving you into a new level of creativity. As you open, you allow that flow to fulfill you.

Your creativity then becomes less about the end result and more about the journey. As you integrate all of it, the exciting, boring and challenging parts; you ease into more creativity.

Your creativity helps keep you moving in a direction that supports your life. Your creativity supports the growth of the collective experience of humanity.  

It is time to relax into the experience of creating.

The more internal ease you have, you will find it easier to discover new creativity that may have not felt comfortable before. You are ready for it now. You are creating a new you. You are becoming clear on your ability to transform yourself and your world. You are creating a new human experience.

You are being called to a new level of creativity and empowerment.

Authenticity and Creativity

When you practice being authentic with your emotions, you allow both your positive and negative emotions. As you allow your emotions to inform you, you allow yourself to become very clear and therefore very potent creatively. When you recognize your clarity and observe your reactions, you see that you are growing into a new level of creativity.

When you feel a positive emotion rejoice and emanate that energy into your life more. When you feel a negative emotion rejoice because you are becoming more clear about what you like and dislike in this physical realm.

As you honor that “negative” feeling, you love it into transformation rather than suppressing it.

You begin to use your creative power more, the gift of Life that is within you with ever greater force as you enhance your clarity.

Sometimes it may feel that in the moment your clarity is elusive. You may not recognize what you are feeling and what you are wanting. This is time to relax into it more. There are layers of information that are unfolding at a pace that is appropriate for you. As you learn to calm the mind more, to feel and hear your heart emotions—your heart and mind will work together with much more unity.

Healing into Heart Mind Unity

Your heart and mind bring together the two strongest electromagnetic fields within you.

As you begin to seek the feeling before the understanding, you will be touching the depths of understanding available.

Your emotions have a vast amount of information within them. Your mind analyzes that which is a valuable gift as learn to apply them into your life. Your mental focus is only part of the picture. Your emotions, your heart and your love are a connective powerful force.

The simplicity of feeling your life more is more difficult than some people realize. Your biomechanism is created to naturally protect you. The emotional experience has not been properly protected, so it has been suppressed.

Your boundaries support your emotional experience. It requires that you honor yourself and what you can handle emotionally. Honor your needs; then let go, release, and forgive. As you do that, your mind relaxes into emotional availability.

When your mind is following your heart, you are limitless in your ability to love, connect with life, and to create change.

As you become more comfortable in that space of unknown (the heart), yet knowing you are creating (relaxing the mind), you will have more clarity and increase your flow.

Your clarity is an open mind that understands the brilliance of your heart.

Breathe into it. Life is supporting you. Embrace it. Connect to the future of the fulfillment that you are creating and that life is supporting you to create. Your awareness is a gift that shapes all of life around you. Your clarity is enhanced as you become peaceful in the moment and allow life to flow more easily.


Go With the Flow?

Your authenticity creates clarity within you. Your clarity creates profoundly with Life. Your energetic state is ripening for increased connectivity in ways that will shift the trajectory of the human experience. If you allow your clarity to evolve.

You are being compelled into movement, compelled into clarity, and compelled into sharing your Light more. As the frequency intensification of your atmosphere increases, it is stretching you into a new resonance of interactivity.

This spiraling increase is a natural mechanism of evolution.

Your balance of inward and outward focus, your balance of feminine and masculine energetics—your balance—is imperative for navigating current flow.

Life is quickening. Go with the flow. Direct your creativity inward first, then seek the external direction as Life compels you and supports you forward with desire. 

Your creativity begins where you are open to change. Internally connect, Love, and create anew. 

It is time to flow with the compelling of Life, and release unnecessary fears that confuse your clarity of direction.

You are creative by nature. Embrace your creativity. Every moment has creative potential. Feel deeply into your life and you will begin to entrain more clearly to the natural flow of Love that compels more Life. You are Life.   


Authenticity by Areon the Lyran Council of Time by Jamye Price

Blessed Beings, as always it is a precious and powerful moment when we meet in your awareness. It is your awareness that shapes Life. It is your awareness that brings the energy of the world into you, and the energy of you into the world.

Your unique perspective touches all that you experience. Your unique flow changes the flow of the world around you. As a species you are becoming more and more conscious of your interaction with the subtle realm. You have always been and will always be communicating with the subtle realm.

Your thoughts and emotions are a subtle bridge, and they are how you communicate directly with the subtle realm.

It is important to understand the totality of your interaction with the subtle realm, so that you do not simply just apply the rules of the physical realm to the subtle realm. As you shape your interaction with the subtle realm, you begin to understand more empirically and clearly—that is where energy builds into form. You must understand the rules of energy to utilize the momentum of the subtle realm. 

Authenticity Creates Harmony

What you are building in the subtle realm does not have the conditions of form and time. It is therefore most important to become fully aligned with what you want, rather than thinking or feeling in a controlled way to create an outcome.

It is especially important that your thoughts and feelings are authentic so that you shift your own resonance into a clearer alignment with what you want to create. This creates a harmony within you that is resonant with your future creation. 

What is most important is that you become fully aligned with what you are wanting to create.

To “speak” clearly with the subtle realm through your thoughts and emotions, think and feel authentic thoughts, then realign them to shift into a clearer resonance of what you want to create. Perceive your own capability and creativity more easily. This aligns your vibration with what you are wanting to create. It changes you, and you change your world.

Your authenticity is your doorway to finding a true resonance and alignment with your improvement.

Avoidance Creates an Illusion that Breaks Easily by Jamye Price

You are thinking and feeling authentically to move your internal resonance into alignment with your new creation, your new you, your new experience and desires. Suppression of “negative” emotions does not allow for their transformation, and it creates a stagnation in your own energy. 

Authenticity Creates Clarity

Your authenticity helps you go through the process of release and refinement. The process of release is the process of letting go so that change may occur—just as you must exhale to continue breathing.

Your authenticity triggers your awareness that you want something different and the catalyst of change begins.

It creates a harmony in your vibration that opens you to new choice. When you are authentic in the moment, you allow the emotions and the information that has accumulated from your past experiences to begin its natural transformation process into improvement. It is the natural flow of Life.

The next step in the process is integration and choice. As you begin the approach from an authentic thinking and feeling mechanism, you are using the momentum of the subtle realms because you are transforming your vibrational resonance. By the time you begin to create in the physical realm, you have already utilized the momentum of the subtle realm that builds worlds.

Authenticity Changes You

You are a forerunner of creating directly with the subtle realm. It is a much larger transformation than you often give yourself credit for because the subtle realms are invisible to your senses until you open your subtle senses. Then you must rely on your own internal experience for proof. You do; however, have synchronicities that show you that you are on track and creating in a real and profound way.

It takes time to fully integrate a deep understanding of working with the subtle realm and moving toward more conscious co-creation with Life. It takes a courageous balancing of masculine and feminine energies to master this flow.

Your authenticity allows for the nurturance of the self into a strength continues creation more easily.

You have an inherent deservability and capability. Your desires cannot even manifest into your awareness until you are resonant with potential solution. That is the power of your awareness.

Choose your focus. Allow your authentic information to flow—your fears, your excitement, your desires. This opens you to the flow of Life to come through you into the physical realm. In that moment of becoming aware of a change that you want to create in yourself and your world, you begin the process of release. You release that which is discordant or blocking your harmony with what you are wanting to create.

In that moment of release, you are also beginning another very important process of release—you are releasing your desire into the world. You release this energy from the subtle realm into the physical world. Resonance responds. Life begins supporting your process of creation in the physical realm. 

You are the vessel through which Life flows.

Your authenticity creates an awareness of desire. In that moment of awareness, you begin to become resonant with your desire. It is just a matter of time and choice before it becomes physical.

First choose your focus. Allow your authentic resistance and excitement to surface. Focus your awareness toward the feeling of your desired result. It is a process of release and refinement that creates integration and choice. Appropriate action will inspire from this new resonance within you.

It is a process that requires patience, because you are in the realm of matter and time. As you are patient with the outcome, you are creating harmony within yourself. It requires trust that you are deserving and capable of your creation.

You would not even have the awareness of the desire unless you were already resonant with it outside of physical time and space. Therefore you are already deserving and capable.

Authenticity Changes the World

It is the deservability that is often the key of change for the compassionate beings that create with the greater good in mind and heart. Sensitive beings will tend to suppress their own life force when they are in an environment with fear, negativity, domination and suppression. This is a survival mechanism, yet when it is not necessary for survival, it depletes thriving of the species.

Deservability is a key component for those with compassion becoming sufficiently empowered to allow their life force to stay strong enough to bring the passive force of Love into the active force of action and physical creation. The deservability (a feminine energy nurturance) creates a strength of flow for action (a masculine energy manifestation).

When action is connected to Love, you are utilizing the momentum of the subtle realm. The passive force of Love binds Life through resonance, which is another way of saying choice. That is different than the control of the physical realm. 

Deservability creates a balance within, a mastery within.

One of the easiest ways to build your deservability that Life has inherently granted you, is to enhance your internal connection with self love. Love yourself. This improves your internal harmony and flow. From that replenished wellspring of flow, you improve Life.
To enhance your self Love, put your hands over your heart and speak to yourself, as if you were talking to a beloved child. “I love you, [insert your name]. I trust you, [insert your name]. You are loved and valued by Life.”

As you feel into your own internal resonance, let any doubts begin to transform. Trust yourself to respond to the information that Life is flowing to you. As you open to your deservability within, your communication with Life will change. You will begin to attune to your harmony within that tells you when and how action is appropriate.

You are shifting internally so that you are resonant with Life. Your actions in the physical realm are then inspired from the momentum of the invisible realm within you and around you.

It is just a matter of time until manifestation (masculine energy), which you refine through transforming your authentic emotions into a new internal harmony (feminine energy). From this powerful resonance, your desires inspire action until it becomes manifest in the physical realm.

The key is self love, it opens you to your flow.

Life flows where Life force is resonant. Life wants you to thrive.

With this we remind you, Eeshah, Ehmah, Ehtah. We love you. We receive you. We bring your Love forward and are forever changed by your awareness. You are Life. You change Life with your awareness. You are powerful. You are valuable. Life changes through you. Eeshah, Ehmah, Ehtah.

Future Forming

Future Forming Areon Lyran Channeling by Jamye Price

Blessed beings, as always, it is a precious moment when we meet in your awareness, for it is your awareness that is the key to life. It is your awareness that brings focus to the experience of being human and expands the human being through you.

Your awareness is key because it is the culmination of all information and experiences that you have had through time. This blends with all other experiences through time that are meeting within your awareness.

You hold resonance with your DNA ancestry, some cultures beyond your physical DNA, and you hold resonance with the Earth. You hold resonance with Earth that you have not even touched with the feet of this lifetime experience. It is written within you, and you are rewriting and reshaping that information with your awareness constantly.

The experience of being human brings your awareness into a focal point that is the linearity of time. That is the experience of past being done, present occurring now, and the future not yet experienced. Your awareness is a focal point, and yet all of that time is within you now.

Your awareness is the key to the future that you have not yet experienced in the physical plane. Your awareness holds that totality of information and what you amplify with your focus resonates into experience. You magnetize it to you, you bring it to you, you shape it, you form it.

The future is formed by your awareness.

The brilliance of the linearity of time is that you can focus. The challenge of the linearity of time is understanding the past, the present, and the future in this current moment.

Forming the Future

This understanding of the fullness of Time is what you are expanding into now. You are learning to experience beyond the present moment while being fully in the present moment. You are learning to experience the present in its fullness—containing the past, the present, the obvious, the subtle, the direct, the collective, the fear, the resolution—the All.

You are learning to focus beyond the physical experience into your emotional and your mental experiences with equal measure. You are focusing on the change that you are wanting to create with the present moment, and you are beginning that bridge of understanding to the future that you are creating now.

It is not easy to hold that vastness within the present moment. It is not easy to observe the world around you and maintain your unique vibration.

And yet, that is the challenge that you are embarking upon now—looking beyond the obvious, beyond the physical expression that is occurring now, and into the future that you are wanting to create. To accomplish that in a grounded beingness, you are becoming an Empowered Sovereign connecting deeply with Life.

Energy of Knowing

Let us speak about Knowing. It is a knowing with a capital K, the strong Knowing. The Knowing that perhaps does not have all of the steps defined, but within, there is a deep understanding of the potentials and the natural flow of life. It is a Knowing that as you continue to focus on your divinity within, you are bringing that into physical form and magnetizing life to you.

Life Evolves Areon Lyra Channeling by Jamye Price

This is a deep understanding of perhaps not knowing how or when; but knowing that Life evolves in directions that support life.

Life evolves in directions that support Life.

It is a deep Knowing within that whatever is occurring in this now moment has built from a past that has created this perfect now moment that is building the future.

And yet, all of that is within you. That is the linear experience. You are also the vast experience—that deep Knowing that Life evolves in ways that support Life. That evolution is not always easy, but it always occurs. You see nature replenish itself, you see animals adjust to the needs of nature and what they can provide for themselves. Humanity is learning this on an external level. You already know this very naturally.

Path of Least Resistance

As you begin to connect with the divinity within you, you experience that everywhere. You can observe the experiences that are happening around you and see where that connection is lost—where the actions of a being do not align with Life supporting Life. And yet, every being on Earth is an individual that is also connected. How much of that connection they are utilizing in the moment varies. And yet they, too, are connected.

As you hold that Knowing—that Life evolves in ways that support Life, you are magnetizing that natural flow of life.

As you see in the water that flows in nature, life seeks its path of least resistance, shapes to that path, and then begins a great flow because of it. You also, very naturally, seek the path of least resistance. Resistance in and of itself is not a bad thing. Sometimes it is a protective mechanism, a survival mechanism. It keeps you in a linear progression that is less overwhelming. Resistance in and of itself is not a bad thing.

The path of least resistance looks different in every moment. It is not always comfortable or smooth and yet, over time, the hardest of rocks is shaped by the softest of water. But that water is not timid. It flows where it wants to flow regardless of the rock. It just takes its natural path of least resistance.

This is why we recommend celebrating when you recognize any inkling of an opening within. If you recognize the energy of victim within, celebrate it. That is the path of least resistance. You are that soft water flowing in that moment, creating a new path. Embrace the self and you will find an opening occurring that embraces all life. This is very natural to you. It is very natural to you to want to embrace life. It is not natural to all beings. It is not natural to feel safe enough to embrace all life.

Honor Your Knowing

As you find a path of least resistance, you will flow with life. This sustains your intent of co-creating in life. Your focus then moves into co-creating with the conditions of the physical realm and the unconditionality of the subtle realm. Sometimes that unconditionality means not knowing how or when, but still being open and honoring your experience. This is your inner Knowing. This awareness opens you to your divinity, manifesting it more directly here in physical form.

It is sometimes a subtle shift of perception that creates such a trajectory that is not visible from your physical experience, but over time, that trajectory creates a vast difference. This is the power of your inner Knowing.

This is working with the subtle realm, and you will find that as you open to the divinity that is within you, trusting the unknown within you—that the momentum of life is carrying you in a very different direction. All you are doing is allowing the path of least resistance to show you the next flow available.

Things may look similar on the outside—for it is often a subtle change at first, but the experience that you will be having energetically is very different, and you will start to notice the clues of things changing around you.

This also requires a shift in perception, being able to look at an experience that is occurring with the eyes of the potential of how life is evolving to support life. It takes great patience to develop, it takes finding your footing with faith and Knowing. You are fully prepared for this journey.

Enhancing Inner Knowing

When you let go of the how and when, you open up to the flow of synchronicity that builds for your improvement. Quite often, when you control the how and the when, you are limiting what you are able to manifest. When you let go of the how and when, sometimes things move faster, sometimes they move slower, but they move in a much stronger flow, that path of least resistance. This creates a manifestation that is a greater improvement than you may have been able to access by controlling the how and when.

What letting go of how and when does to your energy field, is it opens you to a greater flow of information. It opens you to greater physical support. It opens you to information that can then clue you into beneficial action steps, lead you down pathways you may not necessarily have chosen without that inner Knowing that Life evolves toward improving Life.

Letting go of the how and when is not lack of control, it is not inaction. It is choice and action that is coming from a more open flow, a greater connection with the divinity within you, a deeper trust of the yet unknown.  This creates a potential that may not have been on your trajectory before; but because you opened to trusting yourself and Life more, you changed to a new direction.

Letting go of the how and when keeps you open to greater potentials because if you were already on your trajectory for your greatest improvement, that flow will just be an easier flow without the stress or worry of how and when. If you were not on your trajectory of greatest improvement, it will open you up to that availability.

View Life's Potential Areon Lyra by Jamye Price

Letting go of the how and when is an opening to yourself—to the divinity that is within you.

It is seeing with the eyes of potential and understanding that there is something greater within you that Life is drawing forth.

It is a powerful practice, though it is not always easy.

You will find that Life starts to support you with flow more and more, and you will begin to recognize signals. You will begin to recognize patterns. It is life saying look at this pattern, look at this clue. Are you provided all that you need? Are you provided a pathway to improvement? Are you provided all that you intend and maintain your openness to create? Your flow will continue to build strength.

Right now, what you are leading the way through is learning to let control go from the outer realm and learning to maintain “control” in the inner realm. Inner control is not a suppression of the self, it is an honoring of the self and shifting focus to nurturing the self and playing more easily with Life.

With this inner control is the nuance of taking actions and participating with the outer realm—which is out of your control. This is embracing the emotions, thoughts and feelings that do not feel good, but as you embrace them, you begin to transform them from victimhood into understanding your capability to flow with Life. It is the path of water flowing, hitting a rock, readjusting, and finding a new flow.

If you look at some of the humans around you, you will recognize that they ran into a rock, and they begin to blame the rock. Bless them. In that moment, they do not understand the power that is within them. You may have moments like that, too. Celebrate yourself in that moment, because you have already begun to flow in a new direction. You are open to growth.

That is awareness.  As you utilize it, that momentum of change begins to flow with you. You are utilizing the engine of the subtle realm. It is the invisible, it is the unknown. Your thoughts and feelings are your bridge to it, but it is the largest aspect of you. Indeed, it is what creates the physical.

As you start utilizing the momentum of the invisible realm, that 99% space that is all around you and within every atom of your physicality—you start utilizing that momentum. It doesn’t all happen at once. You have times when you feel it flowing well and then, boom, there’s a rock. That’s okay. Time to breathe. Maybe that rock is just a resting point.

This is the benefit of letting go of the how and the when. It opens you to the flow of time that is non-linear, that is all time in the moment, the future birthing in your now moment. You have great potential to create within you. Embrace it fully and flow easily with Life.

With this, we want to remind you that these moments where we communicate with you and your awareness are a gift to the universe from you. When you are not in physical form, you know it fully. In physical form, you remember it linearly as you experience. It is a blessing to us to meet in your awareness. We love you, we receive you, we bring your love forward in all that we experience through this universe. That is how powerful you are. Eeshah, Ehmah, Ehtah.

Divine Communication

Divine Communication Areon Lyran Council by Jamye Price

Blessed Beings, we spoke recently of prayer because prayer is a quiet space of communication with the subtle realm. Whether you pray to God, to the universe, to love, or to your higher self; you are in communication with the subtle realm. You are in communication with your higher self and the divinity that is within you and All Life.

Often prayer has been formed as a request. You are experiencing something in the physical realm, desiring change, and prayer is the aspect of requesting to the Divine for change. You are seeking change and improvement in the physical realm.

What you are learning on a deep level is that this power is within you. You are God in human form, you are the universe in human form, you are Love in human form. That is this physical experience. This is a core truth that is easily understood with your heart—divinity is within you and All Life.

Inner Divine Communication

The shift that is occurring is that prayer is now be transformed from just a request to something outside of you into a communication with that which is within you and outside of you. That which is within you and outside of you.

You are connecting what “duality” has perceived as separate. You are moving beyond linearity, the marker points of separation, into connection with All.

You are integrating a fuller understanding of your divine communication with Life.

With conscious divine communication you pray or communicate with that which is within you, and that which is outside of you. In this physical realm, there is both. There is within you and outside of you.

You are the Universe Areon Lyra by Jamye Price

You are bridging communication that is no longer merely a request, but a communication that moves easily both ways. You are learning deeply and experientially that you have the power of Divinity within—the power to communicate with All Life and co-create this human experience with your desires.

Victimhood or Growth

The energy of victimhood—that is merely a being who does not understand that within them is imbued the true power of a creator. There are contradictions, either in understanding, action or words, which keep humans from understanding that they are purely divine. No mistakes have been made—purely divine.

From that energy of victim, prayer will often have a tone of, “Please. I cannot, but you can.” This form of prayer will have a tone of controlling circumstances outside of the self or controlling others, because the victim does not understand that the power to co-create is within.

There is nothing wrong with feeling this. It is not judged as wrong or less-than from Spirit. It is merely a stage of growth. In a time of need, it is natural to ask for help.

The energy of it must be understood from within, because words may not be congruent with intent. As you observe your own energy and intent, you must ultimately be the only determining factor of whether your energy in the moment resonates with victimhood or with growth. There is no right or wrong, only information that you utilize for your choices.

It is important not to judge yourself, because in a moment of need, connection for assistance is a valuable service to you and to the other. When two people assist each other, there is growth that naturally occurs. Within all experience is a potential for growth, so observe yourself from that potential of growth.

As we often say, if you find yourself in a moment of victimhood, celebrate it because you have recognized that you are wanting a change. If you recognize it, you have begun that change. If you recognize it, do not punish yourself. Celebrate yourself because recognition begins the change.

Prayer began with this strong energy of victimhood when humanity no longer believed that they were connected to all life. You understand that you are connected with all life, and you are learning the application of that in the physical realm. You understand that the Earth is alive and responding to you. You understand that the energy fields around the Earth are responding to you and connected to you.

We give you this information for you to recognize your resonance, but this is a generalization throughout time for humanity. And yet, still, there are people who resonate deeply with the energy of victim, and there are places within you that still may resonate with it. Again, celebrate when you recognize it because you have begun the energy of growth. Your awareness is a powerful catalyst.

Communicating Faith

Prayer shifts from the energy of victim when it has the resonance of faith upon it. This starts a bridge, but it does not complete it.

Again, you must be the only determinant of your energy, because faith is a wonderful energy and can have an openness and a connection with the unknown, or faith can have a releasing of responsibility. Observe where you are in that resonance.

Faith is a powerful opening into the unknown. It is a degree of trust, it is a degree of surrender that is a positive experience for your openness and growth. Faith opens you to the unknown magic that can occur because you are allowing things to align and magnetize to you in a way that is not possible if you are controlling all of your actions.

Faith opens you in a very positive way to the unknown. We have given an acronym for faith before: Full Acceptance In The Heart.

Now, realistically, there have been occasions where you have resonated something to you even though you had some doubt. Full Acceptance In The Heart does not have to mean 100% knowing; it just means you are open. It means there is a greater percentage of openness than doubt; small percentage of doubt, large percentage of openness. That is Full Acceptance In The Heart.

Faith helps move you into a connection with the divine where you surrender the limitations of physicality into a connection with the invisible, the unknown, the unseen. This is when things occur that you have not forced into creation, or actioned into creation, and yet things align for you. This step occurs more often than is easy to recognize in linear form. This magnetizing and shaping of experience happens constantly.

What you are doing is leading the understanding of that process, and it is a big understanding.

To understand the workings of how experiences align in your life seems like a big understanding, and yet it is natural to you, you are constantly shaping your experience, you are in a co-creative experience with your human self, your higher self or your subtle self, and life around you.

Inner Trust

You are learning to trust the unknown both within you and outside of you. Let us detail that trusting of the unknown within, because this is where most of your leverage is.

As you trust the unknown within, you are opening yourself to connect more clearly with your subtle bridge.

As you trust the unknown within, you are opening yourself to expansion.

As you trust the unknown within, you are opening yourself to more of an understanding and connection with the subtle realm, the subtle you.

Trusting the unknown within means trusting your impulses, trusting your actions, trusting your perception, and trusting that what is not yet known is coming into resonance with you. What is not yet known is divine, magical, loving and dear to your heart. What is unknown is how life is going to unfold and open you to more awareness of your divinity within. When an unknown is dangerous or not beneficial to you, your physical, emotional and mental bodies alert you.

Trust Your Potential Areon Lyran Council by Jamye Price

Trusting the unknown within you helps you learn to communicate with the subtle language, the language of the subtle realm. It is not as direct and linear as your physical languages. It is not as immediate. It is more about opening into potential.

As you begin to trust the unknown within, you are allowing the vast potential within you to blossom forth. Trusting the unknown within is the difference between expecting that you should already know and knowing that there is a grander divinity within. This keeps you open to expansion.

It is quite common to mostly observe what is wrong, and judge and compare where you are now as wrong in comparison to what you want to be experiencing. Yet as you focus on the unknown with an inner trust you naturally expand yourself into more divinity in human form.

Awareness Creates Growth

It takes some awareness. This is why we start always speaking about your awareness, because it is very easy to look at an objective, compare and judge yourself as to your capability with that objective, and not leave that openness for life to magnetize to you a greater potential, that which is already within you.

Trust in the unknown of yourself.

Practically, to do this, observe whenever you feel any sort of discomfort within, not knowing if you can accomplish something, not knowing if you can heal something, not knowing if you can change something.

If you notice any sort of discomfort within, breathe in that moment the awareness of, “I trust the unknown potential within me. I trust the unknown potential within me.”

It sometimes gets frustrating from your linear standpoint because the resonance of the information that is within you is not always clear to you. Sometimes you find that you want something, but you do not know how to shape that future. You do not have guarantees of timing or of outcome.

You are learning, at this point, the power that is within you. It takes some effort to understand that difference of the present moment and the potentials that are available in the future. It requires learning new rules of interaction with life as you learn to communicate with the subtle nature of life rather than just the physical nature of life.

This communication has always been there, but you are becoming more conscious in your subtle communication. This communication is where you begin to communicate more directly with the fuller nature of Time, rather than the linear nature of Time.

This begins to open you to more of what you already are. This is moving that energy of creation or prayer from victim into an openness with faith, bridging then to the knowing. It begins with your Knowing of your magnificence, and extends into the wonderment of co-creating with Life.

As always, it is a gift to meet in your awareness. All Life is gifted by your awareness. We receive you, We Love You, We are forever changed from the interaction with you. Eeshah, Ehmah, Ehtah.

The Power of Prayer

The Power of Prayer Areon Channeling by Jamye Price

Blessed Beings, as always it is a precious moment when we meet in your awareness. It is awareness that brings great force and focus to life. It is so subtle that its power is often overlooked. However, that subtlety serves your continued strengthening of your awareness.

It is your awareness that connects you with the external world and allows you to interact with it from within. You then begin to shift how the external world is affecting you and how you are affecting the external world.

Your awareness creates change within. You then begin to emanate out new information that has been shaped by you. You are at an exciting point in your evolution where you are increasingly evolving into more conscious interaction with the subtle realm. Prayer is an important part of this interaction.

Connective and Creative Prayer

Prayer is a dialogue with the subtle realm. Your awareness begins to connect you with what you are wanting to shape into your life. You utilize prayer as a powerful step to converse your desires into the future, using your present moment as what is causing your desire to come forth. You do this with your heart in a way that is unique to you. This may be done by praying to God, or it may be conversing with yourself.

Prayer is beginning to shift because you are shifting.

It is shifting from a powerless or faithful request to its next step of conscious co-creating. You are beginning to co-create more consciously and leading the way as humanity discovers a deep connection with Life that is natural to you.

You will always be supported by life, you always have been. You are Life. Life is flowing through you and therefore with you. What you are beginning to recognize on a deeper level is that there is perfection within every moment and that each moment is awaiting your awareness to shape the future.

You are given the direct power to co-create with life.

It is the conscious knowing that you deserve to command the life flow through you that is changing profoundly. At times, that may feel uncomfortable, confusing or require faith. You will begin to see a shift in those minute differences of feelings as you become more empowered through experience.

Awareness Amplifies Prayer

As you are communicating through prayer, be attentive to what you are feeling within. Prayer is a co-creation with life. Become very attentive to what you are sensing within as you begin a dialogue with life, with God, with yourself, with the universe and with the future.

All prayer, all connection is beautiful and accepted. However, you amplify the power of your prayer as you feel a comfortable connection with Life. Be attentive to what you are feeling.

Does prayer feel like it is an equal conversation with life? That is what is shifting in this time. You begin to discover more of the clarity of who you are, what you want, and the life that you want to live as you recognize your inherent value. Life cherishes you.


Dealing with Disappointment

There are times you have life experiences that may not align with what you want or what feels good. However, they do align with what you are capable of understanding, transforming or co-creating into improvement.

In those moments, allow yourself to receive nurturance.

Allow yourself to receive how powerful it is that you are feeling exactly what you are feeling in the moment. Breathe it in, let it transform within you. In this moment, you are enhancing your strength to transform life.

You Are Prayer in Human Form Areon Channeling by Jamye Price

As you honor your present moment, your authentic feelings and perceptions; you are strengthening your ability to transform life. It is inherent to your desire for improvement, and equal to your courage to Love yourself in a moment of challenge.

This is the subtle power of your awareness. It begins a change, invisible in the moment, which shapes a new future. This is also the gift of empowered prayer. You may not feel bliss in every moment, but you can discover what is calling you to co-create a new future within.

A subtle shift in your inner dialogue has become more available to you in this current energy.

You are refining and understanding yourself to a new degree of creative empowerment. You are beginning to understand at an experiential level that you have more access to peace, which is a grounding force during chaos. You are experiencing access to new information through the feeling of peace and the connection that creates. Empowered prayer is part of that connection.

Empowered Prayer

As you take the internal action of empowered prayer, you are beginning to transform on a subtle level which is building the future. You will notice more of a shift and begin to be aware of how you feel in your inner dialogue.

Does your prayer have the feeling of victim or lack? If it has that nuance, nurture it. That is just information.

Does it have the nuance of, “I don’t know but I have faith?” That is an improved experience from victim, but there is still not the equality of knowing. If you notice that nuance, nurture it.

Seek to move from the beautiful level of faith to a level of knowing.

You may not know how or when a manifestation will occur, but Know that you are a cherished by Life. You are a creative aspect of Life, and Life is desiring to flow through you into manifestation.

Nurture yourself into a more co-creative empowerment with life. Do not let feelings of lack block you from seeking a peaceful connection with Life. In those moments breathe in deeply and let the life force in.


Life is Responding to Your Prayer

Know that all is well and that Life will call you toward your creation. Life is wanting to flow through you. Let the emotions flow, let them release from you. Breathe in the transformation of positive and negative emotions into peace. Know that all is well.

As you move from faith to knowing, notice the emotional freedom of understanding, “I don’t need to know how, why or when – I just Know.” I will interact and respond as necessary. I do not even need to have a perfect experience to get there. These times are teaching you to recognize that All is Well, even though there is still much trauma and drama that is resolving on Earth.

You are Prayer in Powerful Human Form

You are embarking on a rather exciting time, even though it is not always easy. There will continue to be challenges on this Earth. There will continue to be resolution on this Earth. There will continue to be ease on this Earth. As you become an Empowered Sovereign, you anchor that ease with Life. Life Transforms through your empowered prayer, your willingness to flow Life from all its facets into the innate beauty it is.

Within you there is a sacred Love of Life that sees beauty in all aspects of life. Within you the power to transform Life is growing. You will find that even something that seems painful begins to transform into possibility. It resides within you, in the invisible realm. Nurture yourself to help it grow. You shape and create it, often with a form of prayer. You then emanate it out through your beingness and your experiences. Life on Earth changes. Your prayer is a powerful catalyst of change

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