Catastrophe Averted
Congratulations on all the Love you created this year.  It didn’t come without effort and it certainly didn’t mean no challenge, yet the catastrophic, earth ending events that many predicted did not occur.  You have known that fear is a great catalyst for giving power over to another.  The thought forms then build upon each other, magnetizing more of the same.  Fear in one area leads to fear in another and one finds oneself with little power left to manage.  Often that results in band-aiding power leaks with action or avoidance.  When you build walls to protect, you build walls of separation.  There is nothing wrong with walls that protect, as long as they also support ease of appropriate sharing.  It is the difference between boundaries that serve and boundaries that shut down. 
Within you is the power to create.  You are a creative being, a Builder of Form.  Your ability to respond to the moment of creation is your internal set point of time and management of other energies.  You have passed a threshold of Time that really speaks to your awareness, your focus and your ability.  As a Builder of Form, you are inherently capable, it is merely your awareness and focus that spring forth from you in proportion to your belief and choice.  Use this time to choose your beliefs.  Find belief in yourself and belief in your abilities.  Find belief in the power of people to change and choose differently.  Find belief in the beauty of Life, the support of the unseen.  Find belief in the new world that you are creating. 

As we sit to Blast Catastrophe Averted, we are understanding that our focus on Love changes potentials.  We are forgiving the reasons behind fear mongering and emanating Love visibly in our lives.  We are holding strong to a better future for All Beings and appreciative of the present challenges and triumphs for focus.  We are stepping into our own spotlight as our Light shines as a beacon for the weary, the lost and the washed ashore.  We are open, ready and excited – embracing this new threshold of creation with joyous courage. Blast on!

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  • Jamye
    Posted at 10:00h, 27 December

    Thanks, Dawn! Much Love to you!

  • dawnclose1212
    Posted at 09:05h, 27 December

    Awesome as always Dear Jamye!

    Brightest Blessings, Light, and Love,

    xx Dawn

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