Blessed Being, the mind is a beautiful biomechanism supporting your Earth journey. It can be friend or foe. While that relationship changes based on your perspective, it is really a natural functionality that is assisting your growth, though you choose the Pace.

Its functionality supports your free will choice, your interaction with your current dimensional/vibrational resonance, and your progress through growth into expansion. With the brilliance of free will, you allow yourself to progress or stall based on your courage and conviction to grow.

Strength is a vital aspect of Life. The flower exemplifies it in one way, humanity another. Strength, empowerment, discernment, self-love; these are merely a few of the qualities of a Free Mind that progress your expansion.

Many life forms have a challenge of choice, such as breaking free from a cocoon or shell. This choice strengthens. In your remembered history and current experience, humanity’s strength has mainly  been exemplified through dominance and suppression. These qualities have generally come to be valued over the strength of vulnerability, the strength of allowing, the strength of truth and the strength of choice.

As you interact with Life, you are using the Mind to discern and to choose. You discern what a friend is saying and you choose your response with your conscious and your subconscious mind.

It is the role of the Lightworker to begin to work with the subconscious mind and become conscious of the invisible, the unspoken, the shadow of truth being hidden. These need not be negative, yet the mechanism of the mind does allow one to hide from the self. Without that, choice would not be possible.

There is no mistake in the engine of Life. Your brain has been well thought out and is a vital part of your evolution. Your choice is to become aware of your doorways to disempowerment and choose anew. Observe the clues of Life, as Life is working for your empowerment, showing you through the example of your life, what your subconscious engine is creating.

Free your Mind from the unknown into the understood and you will find progress matching your focus.

Free your Mind from the fear of Self Love and you will find empowerment matching your clarity.

Free your Mind from the avoided and you will find solution matching your courage.

Free your Mind from the separation of self and you will find connection matching your inspiration.

Accept your brilliance and allow your Freedom.You won’t mind the side effects.We just listed a few.

As we sit to Blast Freeing the Mind, we are riding a powerful wave of electromagnetic creativity onto the shores of new solution. We are changing our mind about the self and perceiving others through their empowered potential.

We are imagining a new Earth and creating it with courageous focus. We are facing the winds of change, hearing the whisper of humanity rising into the connection of awareness that Love fosters. We are bravely Freeing the Mind from the separation of unconscious choice. Blast on!

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