We are preparing for a massive opening with the 11/11/11.  Neptune is nurturing the salty disappointments, fears, misperceptions and abuses that have separated us from ourselves, each other and the full creative flow of Love.  Within the depths are the last vestiges of disconnection reaching out to be embraced in the powerful strength of forgiveness and love.  You see it in the eyes, you feel it in the heart; the gushing relief of I love you just as you are.  I love you just as you are.  Freedom.  How many people around the world don’t really know that?  I Know it through and through, and yet a moment of release beckons and I momentarily forget within the pain, increasingly more adept at remembering through the pain instead of just after. 
Emotions are our stories.  They are volumes of information in a compact little container of sorrow, fear, frustration, joy, creativity or love.  Through emotion we relive time past, the pain of another and the hope of the future.  Emotions are meant to flow like water (and time), or they stagnate and the life force, as stagnate water exemplifies, diminishes.  Water that is overwhelmed with toxins also does not support healthy life force.  Apply this to your emotional life and you will see the wisdom of our connection with earth.  Movement, sun and air flow keep the life force of water fresh.  As you apply this to your own life, the air energy relates to your intellect.  Your ability to mentally choose a perspective, solution, forgiveness and learning is the revitalizing ‘air’ that replenishes the flow of emotion.  It is creative thought.  You are creating your reality with it, breath by breath. 
Healing the emotions is supporting their flow.  Allow the cleansing freedom of forgiveness to open your heart.  Allow the strengthening deluge of empowerment to maintain boundaries that support your safety and flexibility.  Allow the refreshing wisdom of Love to nourish your life forward.  All Is Well, and awaiting your receiving of the bounty that resides below the surface.  In healthy flow all emotions serve the greater good.  Avoidance of the challenging emotions stagnates, just as avoiding the positive ones does.  Be authentic with what you are feeling and wise with its flow, that you don’t flood another unnecessarily or harm yourself by damning flow.  Spelling intended.  As you vilify anger, you resist a positive turn toward empowerment; anger is not harmful when wisely expressed with the compassion of benefit for all.  Sometimes another is to learn that no is an acceptable answer.  Such is the same with all ‘negative’ emotions, they have their positive benefit when allowed flow; even de Nile supports life for those that respect its flow.  Denial protects the psyche until its ready, are you ready to go with the flow?
As we sit to Blast Emotional Healing, we are opening the flood gates of freedom to a rich and fertile creative Life.  We are supporting ourselves with the wisdom of authentic flow and nurturing the flow of others with boundaries that support the expansion of life without limiting the flow of Love.  We are becoming well with our earthly nature and remembering our Divinity in each reflection.  We are surfing when there are waves, diving deep to remove the wreckage that turns out to be treasure and floating peacefully in the salty, abundant  sea.  Emotions become play, even in moments of pain, as we embrace the support that is available to us and appreciate the movement of release.  Life nourishes you daily, Divine One.  Drink it in.  Blast on!
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