Freedom Is Within
It can get rather frustrating feeling Free in this experience of life on Earth.  As you observe the world around you, restrictions are found everywhere.  Some are physical, some are emotional/mental.  Most societies aren’t set up for Freedom, they are developed to constrain people into certain behaviors that seem to promote unity and progress, though often that unity has its separation and that progress has its winners and losers.  The one that is Free Within is Free in any circumstance.  Freedom among the limitations of the experiences around you is what life on Earth is constantly bringing to your awareness.  Form is a limitation of sorts, and what a glorious limitation it is!
Freedom is a state of Being, therefore, it has the potential to move or change form.  If you are feeling Free in a moment, that Freedom can be elusive in the next.  It is your awareness, your perception and your focus that determines your state of Being.  Freedom Within is allowing the world to Be around you while still actively directing your focus.  Your awareness of your internal reaction to circumstances begins your path to Freedom.  As you recognize your feelings of Freedom or lack thereof, you have a key to accessing Freedom.  All life is built upon your feelings.  Emotions are the subtle energy of your soul expression beginning the magnetization of form.  As you shift your emotional state (always moving) you are changing the magnetization of form that will build your life experiences.  The ‘negative’ emotions can be great motivators, so as you appreciate the Divinity in opposition, you are allowing your perception to shift from negative to expansive.  It’s often easy to feel Free in a positive moment.  The ability to feel Free in a negative moment moves you beyond the pull of good or bad into acceptance of what is while still participating in the creation of Life.  Divinity in Form.
As we sit to Blast Freedom Is Within, we are opening our mind to the Divine mind and becoming actively creative.  We are releasing fear of present circumstances or the future, the burden of an undesired past and allowing it to inform the new into creation.  We are aligning our heart and our mind with the truth of our Divine nature, accepting ‘what is’ as the perfection that it is and Loving it into new life.  We are remembering our ability to create from within, sovereign in our perception and united in our Love.  We are shining Love and appreciation to each experience, for it is the fire that warms the heart.  Blast on!
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